Welcome to Thru Hike for the Cure. This is a site devoted to my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail to raise money for breast cancer research. A thru-hike of the trail is a massive undertaking...preparing to leave everything and everyone for a four-month journey into the wild is very difficult. But even more difficult is the involuntary journey one who has been diagnosed with breast cancer must make, a journey with no definite end, no shelter at the end of a long day, and no way to call it quits when the going gets tough. But it doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

I am asking everyone to help me in the fight against breast cancer with a donation to the American Cancer Society (click on the donations link at left). Please see the American Cancer Society press release and the Asheville Citizen-Times' article in the Outdoor Section for more information. With each step and each dollar, we draw closer to the cure that every cancer patient and every family is waiting for.

Check back periodically as I make my way from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Katahdin, Maine over the next four months. I will be sending back word of the trail my progress to this site. Trip progress updated Sun, June 19.