The Film (see trailer) was premeired at Regal theater's Pavillions downtown cinema to a packed house  in Denver Colo. July 2005.
"The Second Chance"  will be distributed by Sony Pictures to a theater near you Feb. 2006.

"There was spontaneous applause after the film was shown at the premier here in Denver, I haven't seen that in a long time. I  am very excited to have a small contribution to a great film.... See you at the movies!".

Dave Thrush
Dave's original composition " For the right reason" will be featured in the soon to be released major motion picture, "The Second Chance", written and directed by Dave's longtime friend, and former Denverite Steve Taylor, and starring Michael W. Smith and Jeff  Obafemi Carr.
The scene that "For the right reason" will be featured in has Michael W. Smith's character and his Fiance  in a store deciding on what china to have for their home.
Below is Dave playing the National Anthem at a recent Denver Nuggets Game! Nugs won big that night!
click on dave's C.D. to hear it!
Dave Thrush is a Dove Award nominated Christian Saxophone Recording Artist.You can buy Dave's Sparrow/EMI release  "ThrushHour" at