HEY! Jus wanna shout out to my friends: Marly-->without you, i don't know where i'd be... Jessica--> thanks so much for helpin me out in hard times... Jeremy--> like a virgin lol... Aaron--> ur goin somewhere in bball , man... Rossing boyz---> the fads we've gone through...Lisa--> good luck wit jimmy... Sergio--> u got no skill boy... Churchies--> too cool 4 ya ...ANYWAYS...i'll add more later!
  Hey! Its Monday night, and I was pretty bored, so i updated my site. Anyways...here's some stuff that ya might wanna know about me....
      My full name is Lance Arlington Taylor (ughh "Arlington"? ) and i go to Sackville Heights Junior High and i'm in Gr. 9. Rite now i'm single, but that could change (with a ton of luck...or a blind girl). I'm about 5' 2" and i have brown hair and blue eyes. I love basketball, and church. Yes, church...i'm actually into all that stuff. I live in Millwood, and i live in a nice ol' shack.
      Rite now, i'm just finishin up grade nine, and i'm looking forward to grad. I'm goin to New York this summer, which sounds like a ton of fun!
     I could try to name off all my friends, but i'd probably miss a few or so...but u know who you are! You can check out the "Friends" page for that . If anyone wants their name in that little shout out thing at the top of the page, give me an email. thug_in_training@hotmail.com
     Well, unfortunately, i'm moving from Halifax, to Woodstock New Brunswick, I'm not looking forward to this move at all whatsoever, but i guess i have no choice but to move on. I'm gonna miss everyone alot, especially Marly. She's the best person i know. Hopefully, when i leave, she'll find someone that is worth her time, and won't bore her like i did. I hope i fin somone as well, and hopefully, i might enjoy Woodstock.
     I'll try to update this page regularly! If I don't for a while, someone should drop me an email. Anyways...peace yo!

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