Bone Thugs~n~Harmony
And, Wally Even though you're gone (Gone...)/You've still got love from Bone (Bone...)/My nigga, just rest your soul (Soul...)/And I'll see you at the Crossroad (Crossroad...)

-Krayzie Bone-
I'll never get over what some nigga told me "Did you know that you're nigga, Wally/ Got pap, pap at put in a coffin?" No! Why my nigga take a fall? Saw my nigga tryin' to swang them dums in the war/So we lost him/ But damn, Why did you have to kill 'em?/I never did think there'd be one of my trues to get caught up in redrum/ I sit and I pray everyday/God, don't let me get smoked/ Oh no! A nigga ain't scared to go, but I still got a lot to live for/But so did my nigga, my nigga; He's gone and all he left was his memories, but when I die/You gon' see me; 1,2,3 Wally rest in peace, please...

-Wish Bone-
Can a nigga tell me why so many my niggas had to die; So much pain/ Even niggas in the hood is no good/ Put one to your own homie's brain and a nigga gettin' high/Thinkin' back in the days when we did some fucked up thangs/ Now, I gotta ask God/If that's the reason my homie's gone away/ And I gotta give hate to you gangstas out there fakin' the funk/Actin' like you got a problem/ But your just too goddamned drunk/ Put down your 40's/Pick up your fists/ And handle that shit like men/ Cuz too many punks out there pumpin'/Thinkin' your gat is your friend


-Layzie Bone-
Come and take a good look deep into these thuggish ruggish eyes/ See the thugstas cry/And I'm askin' The Good Lord "Why it's I?" He told me "We live to die"/ Not another wrong to take/ We can deal with the struggles like you Wally; I love you to death/But I wish you could have seen through your troubles and it's hard to say good bye to another Bone/ I'm feelin' all in the dumps, and all of a sudden, I'm so alone/Stay strong and hold on to a lifetime of memories/ You're livin' off in my prayers/Gotta let the man upstairs know that somebody cares/ Just wait, and I'll be there...

-Bizzy Bone-
When I heard the word at Kerms', Shorty said "Oh my Lord" Layin' on the curb on a 100 and 23rd/Bled, Dead to the world/ How? And when I'm alone and now/ Dash you gon' act a fool/Out the blue/ Soon as she knew what happened to Wally; She lost her cool/ Remember my thug/When I got mo' love/ Sippin' on 8-ball; Used to tell him to pass the weed/ I wish I could tell him to smoke it all/Not my dogg! The mission is deep, peep, So listen up while you sleep/ To get whereyou're headed you must make a heaven of hell/And then nigga your smooth creep

Recorded for the Bone Thugs~n~Harmony album The Collection, Volume 1