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fox boogie on XXL with this custom mad from Thug Queen
you see this lovelybaby blue white eye love bubble vest with foxy brown on XXL...we thug queen be pround to work with foxy's stylist.this outfits is i know so wat now.wanna have this kinda sexy cute custom?that aint only for MAD here

louis vuitton murakami collection.from head to toes.   step on tight timbs and kicks*****

Louis Vuitton Murakami Collection
Thug queen be the first and only to offer you the louis vuitton murakami collection from head to toes.start from tight floppy hat,swimwear,jumpsuit and set,tank tops,cherry blossom manolo boots,100% auth multicoloure and white avaliable.also da handbags collection ,wallet belt and accessories.for fellas and ladies.
white eye love jumpsuits white eye love manolo. multicoloure mules
murakami swimwears eye love timbs black eye love doctor bag


get your own exclusive air force in here.
we got custom roll top timbs and all kinda designer's fabrics,also the NBA PATCH with 24 teams logo on. step on'em tight kicks and timbs peeps.only for $ 130.welcome wholesale.$80 each.minimum order is 20.
gucci pink roll top timbs LA air force II
orange eye love roll top timbs pink roll top timbs  

designer's boots and mamis with da hot-ish manolo   accessories.belts,hats,silk scraf.from head to toes,lace ya up


i know y'all sick of seeing fake manolo boots around(don't say manolo timbs.TIMBERLANDS DOESNT MAKE'EM)we sell only 100% AUTH manolo ankle boots and knee length boots.also we got'em MANOLO HIKING MULES in stock. (new airrival).definitely a must for summer.100% auth

if you love high heels.stepping on jlo clear wedge.
100%auth manolo blahnik boots 100% auth manolo blahnik hiking mules clear wedge lucite


from head to toes.LV murakami floppy eye love crusher hat.coco chanel visor(which ya saw trina wit that).lv murakami bracelet,silkscarf,gucci ,CD,fendi.designer's belts and much much more.let'em lace you up.
eye love floppy hat black eye love crusher hat coco channel

gold diggas allowed   true ballaz  fa real

jersey dress,set jumpsuits that everyone is looking for.but we got'em jersey handbags and sandals.we can design you the one and only jersey outfits upon request also.we even got jersey formal wears set.check that out.besides we the retailer of women's urban babyphat,ecko red,lady enyce and much much more welcome wholesale.
custom jersey set jersey handbags jersey sandals
j.lo tube jumpsuits jersey tank top jersey formal wears


custom gucci suits,jersey,ballsuit and set,we the retailer of vokal,phatfamr,sean john and much more.custom outfits.NBA patch jeans.set and more..welcome wholesale.
vokal gucci jersey NBA patch wears


Designer's handbags
Guccu,louis vuitton,christian dior,fendi,and much much more.,we only sell 100% authentic handbags,wallets and more check it out now.
christian dior handbags christian dior handbags fendi handbags





rocking this hollywood thang....DRESS like W O A H .this week we got Lil'Kim

how to dress like da one and only queen B,heres da way.

ADIDAS old sch custom jumpsuits.100% Silk. Made in USA.dont worry kim bee got da custom and ya can also.thug queen bought to ya this sexy silk jumpsuits.old sch flavour.embroidered adidas logo in gold on the left.the other one on the bottom left.adidas stripe on each side.features zip front detailed with zipper pull,
59 inch long 32 inch inseam

for size chart: C l i c k here

four colours avaliable:

Price:$90 plus shipping,wholesale price (minimum order is 10) $80 plus shipping


looking tight with:MANOLO BLAHNIK BOOTS

Colors Available:    

simply click on them thumbnails to check out our online catalog.enjoy your stay....peace.

location:HONG KONG.

June 2,2003.

from now on,whoever purchases these adidas silk jumpsuit,you can get a pair of adidas rhinestone earrings.$90 + adidas earrings and what are you waiting for?

June 1,2003.

foxy on the cover.and thug queen made it.

lovely blue eye and white eye love bubble baby in stock.ORDER NOW

May 31,2003.

brand new manolo blahnik hiking mules added.

May 26,2003.
beein working on different section.a lot of new arrival.y'all know LV murakami line is definitely hot now.and for this comming summer.we thug queen are pound to announce that we the first company who sell'em latest and hotest louis vuitton murakami clothing line.

kicks and timbs section is almost done.brandnew layout and clear navigator for y'all to shop.enjoy.

BIG SALE for custom more sale for original manolo.though

NBA patch section added of men's apparel.

soon we will get the paypal payment method set.please allow us for 2-3 working days.

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