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Another Tribute to 'Pac
Looks like legends never die, that's why they are always gettin all this tribulations from others.
This time it's from his descendants--"The Outlawz"
Heart-warming lyrics from all four of the Outlawz.
You can download the song, by right clicking here, and save-target as.
Super Bytch is at it again, this time against Iverson...
Allen Iverson's (Philadelpha 76ers) new cd, Non-Fiction, to be released October 10th, has stirred up some controversy due to subjective references to women and gays in it's first single "40 Bars".

One of the people talking about against the album is none other than Deloris Tucker
(Deloris Tucker you's a mother f*cker/instead of trying to help a n*gga you destroy a brother)
--Tupac Shakur | How Do U Want It
New Tracklist for "The Rose that grew form the Concrete"
Disc I
01. Tupac Interlude
02. Wake Me Up When I'm Free - Sikiri Adepoju, Ojatunji and Babatunde
03. Can U C The Pride In The Panther (male version) - Mos Def
04. When U're Heart Turns Cold - Sonia Sanchez
05. U R Ripping Us Apart!!! - Dead Prez
06. Tears Of A Teenage Mother - Jasmine Guy
07. God - Reverend Run
08. And Still I Love You - Red Rat
09. Can U C The Pride In The Panther (female version) - Mos Def
10. If There Be Pain - Providence and RasDaveed El Harar
11. A River That Flows Forever - Afeni Shakur, Danny Glover and The Cast Of The Lion King
12. The Rose That Grew From Concrete - Nikki Giovanni

Disc II
01. In The Event Of My Demise - Outlawz and Geronimo Ji Jaga
02. What Of A Love Unspoken - Tre
03. Sometimes I Cry - Dan Rockett
04. The Fear In The Heart Of A Man - Q-Tip
05. Starry Nights - Mac Mall and Quincy Jones
06. What Of Fame? - Russel Simmons
07. Only 4 The Righteous - Rha Goddess
08. Why Must U Be Unfaithful - Sarah Jones
09. Wife 4 Life - K-Ci and 4th Avenue Jones
10. Lady Liberty Needs Glasses - Malcolm Jamal Warner
11. Family Tree - Lamar Antwon Robinson and The IMPACT Reporty Theatre Group
12. The Sun & The Moon - Chief Okena Littlehawk
Ja Rule bites 'Pac style once again....
Pac style taker Ja Rule got a song titled "I Cry" on his new LP Rule 3:36, there's a poem by Tupac with the same title.
Tupac Shakur's name was mentioned in new movie: " Big Momma's House"
At the end Martin Lawrence is standing in the church and he says "I belive the good book (bible) says dont judge me if you dont know me" and then the kid says "that was 2PAC" and the priest says "yeah sounds like 2PAC to me".
Information given by Kayto@hitemup.com
Eminem mentions Pac in inspiration
Eminem talked about Pac in the 2000 issue of Request Magazine published buy Sam Goody.

"I like Eddie Murphy. I like George Carlin. But comedians didn't really inspire me. If there was one artist who inspired me more than anyone, it was Tupac. Not just his music, but his life in general. He had that kinda fuck the world attitude."

"I love Biggie for an emcee. He was probably one of the greatest. But Tupac was the greatest songwriter that ever lived and probably ever will live. The more he went through his personal problems, the more you could relate to him and know that his music was true. And I think my music is becoming truer by the minute, the more shit that I go through in my personal life. Not saying that I'm trying to be like Tupac, but he definitely inspired me as a songwriter."

To view other inspriational words from Eminem and others to the legendary Makaveli, click here.
New Tupac Album to be released
Tupac Shakur's mew album is to be released in October titled -
Spoken Words- The rose that grew from the concrete
Tupac mentioned in Oh Boy
Tupac is mentioned on Don Cisco's LP Oh Boy. On "Long Range Pimpin'" he says:

"High speed, full throttle, 'cause like Pac I'm a rider"

"Went against all odds like Pac in Vegas"
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Outlawz speak out on Westside Radio

EDI, Napolean, and Noble appeared on the Westside Radio. They talked about how people didn't really know 'Pac. They only knew him as the thug nigga, but he had sooooo much to give to politics, media etc.
EDI also said if 'Pac was still alive, he will no doubt be the mayor of L.A.
They also talked about their new album, which was released in stores on November 7th.
And were encouraging all Thug Rap fans to go out and buy it.

They also talked about the 'pac/Biggie beef. Napolean said that 'pac would have only drawed down those niggaz if he saw them on the streets, but never thought about killing Biggie. Even though he rapped hit em up, etc. He NEVER thought about killing Biggie Smalls.

They also stated some beef they had with Shyne in the Rap Source awards.

Fatal Hussein Second solo album "Death before dishonour"

Fatal's second album, Death Before Dishonor is set to be released by Rap-A-Lot Records on June 16, Tupac's birthday. Guest appearances of the album includes the Outlawz, Yukmouth, Scarface, Gangstarr, Fat Joe, Rowdy Rahz, Gotti and Ja Rule. On "Thinking I'm Dead" - one of the songs of the album - Fatal says "Call my kids, they don't walk back to me, talk to my dogs, they don't talk back to me, try to hug my moms and she walks right through me, I think I'm dead y'all, I think I'm dead." Other songs that'll be on the album includes "Lost And Turned Out" featuring the Outlawz, "Love My Niggas" featuring Ja Rule and "War Before" featuring Fat Joe. Fatal's third album is set to be released by Rap-A-Lot Records on October 9, Kadafi's birthday.

Outlawz Records Schedule

Here's Outlaw Recordz's 2001 release schedule:

1. Various Artists Jersey Mob
2. Young Noble Noble Justice
3. Napoleon Bonapartes
4. Kastro and E.D.I Blood Brothers

Fatal Hussein still in the Outlawz
There has been a lot of talk about is Hussein Fatal still with the Outlawz. The answer to that question is YES. Fatal is still a member of the Outlawz. He can not be on the new album due next week because of he is still locked up. The Outlawz however will be on his solo album due out on Rap-A-Lot. Also, you can be sure Fatal with be on future Outlawz albums, if he's not in jail.
Outlawz Album "Ride wit us or Collide wit us" Tracklist
1. Intro
2. Outlaw 2000
3. Life Is What You Make It
4. Black Rain ft. Val Young
5. Hang On ft. Ya Yo & Mil
6. Soldier To A General
7. When I Go ft. Val Young
8. Who ft. Phats Bossilini & Akwylah
9. The Nyquil Theory
10. Fuck With Me
11. Get Paid ft. TQ
12. Good Bye
13. Mask Down ft.Ya Yo & H-Rider
14. Nobody Cares
15. Geronimo Ji Jaga
16. Maintain ft. Supreme C & Mil
17. Smash ft. Bad Azz, Spice 1 & Low Lifes
18. Jersey Mob
19. Murder Made Easy ft. Smooth, Dirty Bert, Trife & Akwylah

Fatal Hussein' official release date...
Fatal will be released from jail sometime in January. Hopefully we'll see his solo album and an album together with the rest of the Outlawz next year.
Outlawz New single- "Black Rain "
The first single from the new Outlawz Album, Black Rain shows a lot of promise. It shows us that the Outlawz still have it,and will help them in advancing to the top again. They also have the video clip out for this single already. To download Black Rain, click here, or just enter my Outlawz Audio section, where you'll find a lot of other promising Outlaw songs.
Props to 2pac-outlawz.com
Outlawz New album- "Ride wit us, or collide wit us"
Well, i heard this from 2pac-outlawz, that EDI was in a music store, when some guy appproached him and asked for his signature, and when there new album's comin' out.
After hearing this EDI wanted the album to come out as soon as possible. He says people want some new shit, and are tired of hearing the old shit on the streets.
I will try to get the Outlawz new album's tracklist soon.
Release Date :
November 7th (So save up y'all)
Props to 2pac-outlawz.com
Interview with Fatal
Outlaw member was interviewd on September 22 2000, by Allhiphop.com.
In the interview he describes why Pac inspired him, how much he misses both Pac, and Yak, and some Playa Hatin shit from the East Coast, and much more..
To view the full-length interview click here.
Outlawz interviewed by Source- September 2000
Outlawz were interviewed by Source, where the Outlawz describe the relationships between one another, the relationships between Pac and Yak. Napolean breaks into tears as he describes his chilld-hood, and how Kadafi put him into the rap game. Napolean also states who killed Kadafi....much more.
To view the full-length interview click here.
Outlawz also interviewd by XXL Magazine- October 2000
In this interview The Outlawz describe all the playa hataz that be bitin' Tupac's shit, and claimin it's there's. They holla (madly) at Master P, and C-murder.
They also diss Eminem for callin' out Pac's name.....much more!
To view the full-length interview click here.
Outlawz and Shyne have beef
BadBoy artist Shyne was on Rap City's Tha Bassment on September 15th. When asked about the incident at The Source Awards involving himself and The Outlawz in which somebody was spat on, he smirked at the camera and said "leave that to the streets, its all about the music right now go pick up my album".
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SNOOP aka Tha Doggfather
Death Row cheat on Snoop again...
Death Row are telling every one to download the full Snoop's new album off their site....Just to get snoop even more pissed.
Daz, and Big Snoop Dogg send a letter to Big Suge
You can check out the letters that Snoop, and cousin Daz allegedly wrote to Suge Knight while he's been in jail. The letters appear in the inside booklet of the "Too Gangsta For Radio" album. You can Click Here to read the letters.
Snoop Dogg to release new Album
Snoop Dogg is to release new album: "Dead man Walking". It is set to be released on December the 5th by Death Row Records, so expect some delays.
Here is the tracklist for Snoop Dogg's new album:

01. May I
02. C-Walkin'
03. Head Doctor - (featuring Swoop G)
04. Hit Rocks
05. Tommy Boy - (featuring Daz Dillinger)

06. Change Gone Come
07. Too Black
08. Gangsta Walk - (featuring Tha Dogg Pound)
09. County Blues
10. I Will Survive
11. My Favorite Color
12. Me And My Doggs
Snoop Dogg to release another Album --" The Last Meal"
Snoop Dogg is to release new album: "The Last Meal". It is set to be released some time in the future, cuz he still workin' on it.

The reason I don't have tracklists,, is cuz they are fake.

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