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When wrapped in the light of the golden sun. The rose opens its petals with love.
To drink in the warmth and care that
God has given.
Starting as a young bud it grows into the beauty of the rose Rejoicing in the life
it is living.

Love is as the rose  It begins as a smile,
a look, or a gentle hello. When nourished with the warmth of the heart It grows into the beauty of the rose.

Yet as the rose, If your love is not
nourished with warmth and care,
The petals will fall, the beauty will fade
Your love will no longer be there.

Thus, take your love and embrace it with your heart. Giving as only you can
It will renew in its beauty as when love first began.

Growing in the warmth of your heart
as graciously as God has chose.
Showing its tenderness to the world,
as does the beauty of the rose.

Love, exoticaman