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      Welcome To  YAHOO'S Largest and Fastest Growing Gin League!

*First And Foremost Good Sportsmanship Is Expected Here. We are a friendly group here. Please take a moment to greet your opponent with a HI and/or gl (good luck) and end your game with a gg (good game) Win or Lose. Good sportsmanship and good manners are KEY to us all getting along. In short, please treat your opponent and other league members as you yourself would want to be treated. If your opponent gets to the table after you, and you have played your turn and taken the UP card, please let your opponent know what it is if they ask.
                                                           How To Gain Points For Our Leader Boards                                    

For each tournament played and won, you will receive points for how many people entered the tourney. Example, you played and won a tourney that had 9 people signed up, you get 9 pts. If you play and win a Special Tourney, you would win twice the amount signed up, like if there were 11 people and you won you would get 22 pts. If you are the runner-up for a special tourney you get regular points for a consolation. Playing in a Yahoo Official would get you points as well, same idea as our specials except you need to have 3 rated games in previous 48 hours to qualify for those points. Yahoo Officials are good point-getters. If you are runner-up in Yahoo Official, you get regular points, same rules. Getting that #1 rung for winning a Yahoo Official, you need to have had 3 rated games past 24 hours and runner-up gets 50% boost with 3 games in past 24 hours as well.

1. Harassment  of ANY kind, directed toward any member or the league in general WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE. That includes, but is not limited to, profanity, lewd or sexual remarks & comments and racial or ethnic slurs.You may expect to be banned without notice for behaving in such a manner. Along those lines, we try to maintain an atmosphere in which all ages are both welcome and comfortable. Language inappropriate for this type of atmosphere will not be tolerated. You may expect to be banned without notice for behaving in such a manner.
2. This league maintains an 8 MINUTE FORFEIT RULE. You must wait 8 minutes before forfeiting your opponent, which allows time for a booted player to make it back to the table and resume play if possible. That is an 8 minute wait from the start of the round for an opponent who is not present, or 8 minutes from the time your opponent leaves or gets booted.                                                                                                                                                                     NEVER leave your game and table without clicking the OK button to end the game. This is unsportsmanlike conduct, and leaves your opponent having to sit there. If you find that after you start a game, for some reason must leave, please offer to "QUIT AND FORFEIT" your game. This allows your opponent to end the game and close the table, without having to wait for the Forfeit option.                       ==============================================================================================
3. Kibitzing of tables is PROHIBITED here, unless arrangements are made with all players involved (as in training) Persistent table hopping is prohibited here. It is annoying and distracting to the players.  ==============================================================================================
 4. Arguing or fighting in the lobby or at any table is prohibited. If you feel the need to assert yourself, please take it outside the league
 5.  There will be no spamming or scrolling in the league lobby. Recruiting of any kind, for any league, is prohibited here. If you are found to be recruiting for another league, whether by IM or by Email, you will be immediately banned without warning. ==============================================================================================
The Moderators (those with the Gold M-balls next to their name) are here to assist league members and answer questions, so please feel free to approach them should you need information or assistance. They are also here to enforce league rules and policy, and to make sure everything runs smoothly. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS OR DIRECTIONS.  All Moderators have the authority to make decisions regarding misconduct or inappropriate behavior, and have been instructed to take necessary action to enforce the leagues rules. ==============================================================================================
                           Miscellaneous Rules Regarding Tournaments:

      Regarding Substitutions During Tag Teams

You and your partner are responsible for your Team. If your scheduled partner does not show up for the tournament, you may find a substitute PRIOR TO THE 2ND ROUND OF PLAY. Once the first round has been completed,THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED. This means if your partner leaves, gets booted, doesn't respond etc... your team is considered to be incomplete and you will be asked to forfeit your game. Please do not ask the Tournament Directors to make exceptions.


Time Limits during Tag Team Games. If your partner leaves, gets booted, doesn't respond etc... the 8-minute Force Forfeit will be started. At the start of the Tourney the Tournament Director will announce in lobby the Time Limit on games. If you are not sure of the Time Limit ask in lobby. If you are asked to Forfeit because of time, Please do not argue with Tournament Director. Win will be given to the team leading at that time. If you are in a match and you feel someone's slow play will time the game out then Please let the Tournament Director be aware of the problem.

Yahoo has been known to do strange things with the tournaments on occasion. When this happens, please keep in mind, it's nothing that the league has done, nor is it anything that we may fix. In these instances, those particular tournaments are not counted in our points totals. In some instances, such as if Yahoo went down in the FINALS of a tournament, we can reschedule that game outside of the completed tournament, so that it may at least be finished and points awarded. This is the only circumstance where we could work with you to rectify an occurrence outside of our control. Please keep this in mind and not vent your frustrations on the Moderators, it's not their fault, and they can't fix it.

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