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March 18, 2004
Ya I got myself a Deviant art account. Also if someone can teach me better scaner usage, please contact me...

March 08, 2004
Ok, I made a new GR. Now I'm gonna start making the WAM comix for 2 reasons. 1 Jetdash has given me the go ahead. 2 I'm running out of space (i'm at 98%) and if I make the WAM comix it'll be on Jetdashes account. C U next time

Feb. 28, 2004
well, due to popular damand in my tag board I have new GR

Feb. 26, 2004
Ok, this could be kind of a big update, so I'm gonna say go to and check out all the rest. If you don't wanna go, then just 2 new BBHs...

Feb. 17, 2004
right to the point: new SS

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