This is the foil card that came with the Sailor Moon SuperS fighting game. Only limited edition copies have it, so I'm real lucky. ^_^

You have no doubt seen pages before that give info on Sailor Moon fighting games, but to my knowledge no one yet has a page that gives much info on how to play them well. This is what will make me unique among the rest.

Since all I have are the rpg and the fighting games, I will only be able to assist you with the fighting games. Many others have walkthroughs for the rpg, some even with translations, so I won't concentrate on it much since I don't understand much of the writing myself aside for sailor names and such. Though if you find that you could use my help with it, I can give you some fight strategies and suggestions on items you may want to have. Don't worry - I have indeed beaten it, so I won't steer you wrong. ^_^

For those interested, I have also included an info section on myself. When I get more pics of my friends on IRC(Internet Relay Chat), I will also include a section about them. I have some pics of some of them, but I need to get their permission to post them and any more info I may post about them. Email me if you know me from IRC and would not object to my posting your pic and/or some info(don't worry - I won't tel your hometowns or anything). Until I hear from you, you know who you are.

Now then, let's get down to business, shall we?

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