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Carl Gaspar   17/Oct/1999:19:00:06
I was a missile engine mechanic at Vandenberg from 66-70, great
memories. Don't recoginze any names here but perhaps someone I was with
will stumble through this and drop me a note.
Ken Keen   15/Oct/1999:03:34:52
DMCCC at DMAFB 5/72-11/75 I figure I spent over 7,000 hours in there. I
was on crew with Jeff Barney who may be just below this entry. 570-05
wasn't the same after we were there.
Jeff Barney   14/Oct/1999:23:34:34
MFT 71-75 DM 570th
Steve Marback   14/Oct/1999:03:36:08
I was stationed at Little Rock AFB in the 374th SMS as an MFT from 1983-
1986. Those were sure some fun times. I am currently Deactivating the
321st Minuteman III's here at Grand Forks AFB.
John Savageau   12/Oct/1999:06:12:26
Great pictures.

Ex-MCCC from 308th @ Little Rock
Keith C Eggleston The Egglestons Home Page 29/Sep/1999:17:45:18
I was BMAT for crew R-012 from 9/76 to 5/78. Appendicitis and surgery
put me running the simulator for about 3 months after that. My Crew
Commanders were Capt. Carlos Galvan and Maj. Bill Johnson. I had a great
time and went back to visit the Tital Museum in 1994. Got am e-mail from
one of my Deputy Commanders, Tom Garrett, who now volunteers at the
It's good to see that the Titan II will not die out anytime soon. It was
an awesome vehicle.

Joe Serra   23/Sep/1999:22:17:41
It seems like it was just last week, but I left in 1978. Stationed at
Little Rock, 70-72, went to Chanute, Instructor for 5 years, then back
to Little Rock. 308th SMW. It is just great to see all the names in
the guest book, and the pictures, and comments.
RANDY AUSTIN   20/Sep/1999:18:57:21
PTS Puke at 308MIMS/ LRAFB '82-'87. Stayed at the Rock till the end of
'88 in Law Enforcement. Hay JonJon, Frenchie, Pat -&- Eb how ya'll doing?
I see ya'll the only ones still interested in the old bird. Any others
out there sign in and say hi!
Obie G. Mann, Jr.   18/Sep/1999:13:12:56
MFT Crew R-33 Mid Dec. 1962-Feb.25th 1966 570th SMS D-M. Arrived Before
Martin Turn-Key.
John Sears   17/Sep/1999:02:44:57

I was with the 390th/571st for 5 years 3 months 18 days 6 hours 42
minutes and 15 seconds - and loved it! I was an Instructor ACP DMCCC,
MCCC, and then a Maintenance Officer (11 Months), and then Chief of
Field Maintenance Branch until 1979; I then became civilianized. I
currently live in Central California, and would love to hear from old
crew types.. This is a GREAT site!
Paul Blanchard   16/Sep/1999:23:56:09
Now a professor of biology and environmental science at samford
University, Birmingam, AL. Former MCCC (line, instructor and
standboard at 390th (1968-1972). Hello to all who served with me.
Col. (Ret) Jim Pelze   10/Sep/1999:16:08:18
390th SMW MCCC 1965-69. Sector CC 69-70. 381st SMW Staff and 533 SMS
CC. 1971-74.
MICHAEL J. JUDD   10/Sep/1999:12:53:19
ELAB- Mcconnell 1978-79, Sheppard 79-81, Davis Monthon 81-84, Mcconnell
84-86. Thanks for the memories!
David Corriveau-Veau   07/Sep/1999:13:13:19
Helo to all my old friends, i was at the rock from 78-82, i was present
at 374-7 that September night. Good Health to all.
Mike Kelley   06/Sep/1999:00:40:34
Great job I spent 23 years in the Titan II. Met a lot of great people. Your home page gives me and other Titan II people to stay in touch. Thanks. Michael O.Kelley CMSGT. Retired.
Bill Howard 27/Aug/1999:23:01:22
When I wax nostalgic, I look at old pix of Titan II, and remember...
When I was young, they let me play with the bigest erector set
ever built - a Titan II Missile Silo.

Olympic Arena 1973, 1974, 1975
Wing Electronic Engineer (TEAT) 1975-1977

We WON the Cold War - why are we acting like loosers?

ROOT, ROOT, ROOT - Little Rock!
Ken Thompson   31/Jul/1999:09:34:42
Repaired topside (Tipsy/TPS-39) security systems at all 18 sites (17
sites after 374-7 blew-up in September 1980 - I still have pictures of
the badly mangled equipment that was recovered from the site) in
Arkansas (2151st Communications Squadron) from 1980 to 1984.

I didn't fully grasp the significance of my job until I left the
service in 1987. I am now totally amazed at just what we missileman
(if I can be called that) were a part of during the cold-war era.

Looking for fellow missilemen and roommates - Dwayne Feller from
Rochester, New York and Jeffrey Stump from Center, Texas. If anyone
knows them, please give them my email address. Thanks!

I failed to mention that I had the
pleasure of serving as an alternate team member during the Stragic Air
Command's 16th Missile Combat Competition at Vandenberg AFB in 1983. My
fellow team member's, whose task it was to troubleshoot a UHF
transceiver, were SSgt. Damien Horn and SrA. Daniel W Johnson. The 308
SMW, from Little Rock AFB, place second overall that year. We were only
50 points behind you yahoos from McConnell AFB. However, our missile
maintenance teams took the Best Missile Maintenance Trophy (for the
second consecutive year I might add), beating McConnell's teams by seven
points. Yea!

To the LRAFB skycops: Do you remember when nuclear protestor James
Sauder, 26 (from Jeanerette, LA) pulled his car parallel to the main
gate at a complex near Conway in October 1981, climbed on top, and
jumped over the fence and into the complex? He then proceeded to
J David Teeman Gospel Magician 26/Jul/1999:02:35:38
MFT at Little Rock AFB (373 SMS) 79-86. Retired 98. Currently with
Lucent. Living in Moore, OK.
Rick Darnall   22/Jul/1999:21:29:08

ELAB@LRAFB from Jan 84 to Aug 87. Besides the great pics and info here, these Titan 2 web pages are a great way for people to get in touch with one another. Thanks
Jose Costas   17/Jul/1999:13:38:33
Mark DeWaelsche   16/Jul/1999:11:56:47
Nice site. Enjoy the memories now that I'm no longer pulling alerts.
Great reviewing the guestbook also. MFT assigned to McConnell AFB from
Apr 1978 through deactivation with the 533 SMS and finishing up on the
DOTI Senior Crew.
Tom Wilhelm   14/Jul/1999:20:44:37
I was at DM from 1969 to 1972, DMCCC and MCCC, in the 571st SMS, with
great memories of Tuscon, the desert, and the Titan II sites,
especially 571-7 where I spent the majority of my alerts. My last crew
was R-172 if my memory serves me right.
Larry Norman   14/Jul/1999:02:28:51
Great web page!!! I had several jobs in the T-2 business. First RPIE,
Refer @ LRAFB 70-74, then ELAB @ DM 75-76... then ELAB and TEAT back at
the Rock 77-82. I think of and miss my ole friends alot!
H.G.RODRIGUEZ (ROD)   11/Jul/1999:06:32:07
Kevin M. Vaive   09/Jul/1999:10:50:45
It's really great to see all the pictures and here from all the people
out there who shared the Titan II experience. I was stationed at the 390
MIMS DMAFB from "76" to "79" in the E-Lab, and visited all of the sites
many times. Even got to enjoy being flown out in a chopper a couple of
times. Thanks......... Everybody stay connected!!!!!
Ray McNeely   02/Jul/1999:23:28:47
Great to see your site! I served as an MFT @ Little Rock 82-86.
Home site 373-9 then ACP 373-8.
Take care,
Bob Dreyling   01/Jul/1999:15:53:19
Hi, I served in the 381st at McConnell as an Instructor MCCC, the 395th
at Vandenberg in the Operations staff, Ist STRATAD as Titan II Test
Director, and as the Air Force Program Manager for Titan II launches in
support of the U.S. Army Safeguard program. I'm gettin a new internet
provider so I'll send my new email address later.
Pete Giamboni   27/Jun/1999:22:30:31
It brought back a lot of memories looking at this site. I even
recongnized a couple of names in the guestbook. I was a PTS troop at
DMAFB 80-84. 1-7 was one of the sites I helped deactivate. Lots of
stories and its great to see that the time with the missles left an
impression on more than just me.
Kelly Ward   24/Jun/1999:03:45:32
Nick Emmanuel   18/Jun/1999:03:49:15
Great Site!! Sorry it took so long for me to find it. I was a DMCCC and
MCCC from Dec 1969 to June 1977. I sent time in all 18 silos. I was an
instructor, evaluator and Oly Arena competitor during my seven years.
My crew attempted a Safeguard launch from VAFB in 1974, but missile
aborted when only one engine fired. Very interesting several hours.
Would love to hear from any DM troups who might remember me.
Eli Marquez   16/Jun/1999:18:52:32
DMCCC/MCCC, 571SMS, 1978-1982
Last home site was 1-7.
Ron Starling   16/Jun/1999:18:25:39
Looking for other team members who had the chance to go swimming at the
Green Valley site. The hard tank overflowed (128,000 gals). Water was
up to the top of the W and about 3 feet on LV 8.
Steven Webber   10/Jun/1999:17:27:45
Rocket Engine Mechanic, Little Rock AFB from Dec. 77 to June 81.
Currently enjoying life as a Government Inspector on the Space Shuttle
Main Engines.
Guy D. (Don) Stone   10/Jun/1999:03:16:26
Great website. It brings back memories of very long tours, and some
scary helicopter rides to 373-3, near Heber Springs, Arkansas. I was a
DMCCC there from 64 to 67, then got into the satellite and missile
warning business. I remember doing a shift at 373-4 a couple of days
after the horrendous fire that killed about 52 contractors---bad news.

Keep up the good work!
Kevin Peets   08/Jun/1999:05:34:20
Was a MFT from 82-87 at LRAFB, 374th, Site 4-6.. Through a buddy that
was reassigned to Vandenburg, I actually watched my bird fly in the
spring of 87..launch of undisclosed payload.. was very happy to finally
see the old bitch move after all those years!!! Currently an Avionics
technician for the F-15 at Tyndall, AFB.. Have visited the Tucson
Museum at was very impressed at the way they have preserved the smells
of the silo!! Next time I go I'm bringing a hard hat to see if I still
have it.. Good Luck to all and if you know me write me..
Steven Webber   04/Jun/1999:16:13:27
Engine jock, Dec. 77 to Jun. 81. Thanks for the memories!! Had lots
of fun and some disappointments but mostly fun.
Jack Hemmy   04/Jun/1999:15:33:04
Great memories. E-LAB @ 308 MIMS LRAFB, 82 - 86.
Rev. Mark Christ   02/Jun/1999:05:07:42
Wonderful pictures! They have brough back memories for me. I served at
Davis-Monthan from 1979-1982 as a MFT.
Joe B. Brown   27/May/1999:17:28:22
Very happy to find your web site. I was assigned to the 570th as a MCCC
and pulled most of my alerts at 01, 07, and 08. I spent some time in the
Command Post and remember Cols Denton and Northrup as Wing Commanders.
A short time in the MIMS and it was off to Minot. However, I returned
to Titan in 1978 when I was assigned to the 381st until 1982.
John Korzenko   23/May/1999:03:00:46
I was a PTS troop from 1977 to the last Deactivation at Little Rock. I
was stationed at McConnell from Jan 1978 to Aug 82 (?). I was on
complex 3-7 at Rock, Kansas the day we lost MSgt Bob Thomas, and later
SSgt Erby (last name I forget right now.) I also "deployed" to LRAFB
the day after the Damascus explosion. If you hear from any old PTS
troops from my era, please give em my E-Mail.
I'm still AD AF stationed at Wheeler AAF as a First Sergeant for the
25th Air Support Operations Squadron.

Great to see the old memories!!!

John K.
Bob Roper   21/May/1999:21:51:18
Served at McConnell AFB from Jan 72 to Aug 75 as DMCCC and MCCC. Those
were the good old days!! Conrad Strickland, Jeff Fields, Dave Boone,
Jim Taylor, Jeff Leighton, Bobby Johnson, WHERE ARE YOU ? After Titan
II moved on to MMIII at F.E.Warren... no drain bramage at all.
Stan Epstein   20/May/1999:01:34:41
McConnell from 1980-1984 as DMCCC -&- MCCC for Stan/Eval in 381st SMW.
Then finished as senior MCCC for 533rd SMS. Where are the sign-ins from
the women DMCCCs and MCCCs I served with? At one time I was the only
male member of a crew!

Didn't really like going from enlisted to officer as a Titan member but
AF made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It kind of grew on me and now my
most fond memories of my 24 years in the Air Force are not my 4 yrs as a
Security Policeman, 10 yrs as a Medical Lab Tech, nor my 6 years as a
Computer Systmes Analyst but those 4 yrs I spent under Kansas! Most
important job I ever had!

Retired Jun 1990.
Jeff Layfield   19/May/1999:20:10:45
Great site. Always brings back the sounds and smells from Alert Duty
whenever i look at any pictures of the sites. I'm a former BMAT from
81-83 at the 308th SMW, 374 SMS. My "home site" (We were rarely there)
was 374-09.

BILL HAYGOOD   17/May/1999:03:18:28
Kerry Hartley   17/May/1999:02:24:37
David Ferguson   16/May/1999:08:53:26
Great Site! I was in Pneudraulics @ Davis-Monthan(390th) 1982-83, and
Little Rock(308th)1984-85. I would love to hear from any you I worked
with. Glad to see the old pics out there on the web!
Bob Conaway   09/May/1999:04:40:16
MFT @ Davis-Monthan,571st SMS, 1969-1973.

Tour Guide, 571-7,Green Valley, AZ., 1991-1995
Webmaster   06/May/1999:22:41:32
Here I am stationed at Davis-Monthan once again, I hope that everyone
is enjoying my Titan II Deactivation Page. If your ever in Tucson look
me up at Training Detachment 11 228-3520. I look forward to looking up
old friends here in Tucson, like Paul Sobik. Any Suggestions for this
page please e-mail me at Enjoy!! and Thanks Don!!
Jim Hegedusich   04/May/1999:11:18:52
Great site!

Was at DMAFB, AZ from Dec 1980-Jun 1984 in the 390th Communications
Squadron and worked in the Intercomplex Radio Communications System
(IRCS) shop.

Was also at LRAFB, AR from Jul 1985-Jul 1995 in the 308th (2151st)
Communications Squadron and worked in the IRCS shop, as well. Was a
member of the de-activation team.
Marty Greene Marty and Martha Greene's Homepage 01/May/1999:04:46:35
This is an updated entry. (Steve, go ahead and delete the prior
version.) This is a great site! I was a BMAT at McConnell from 1970
to 1980. Line crew, Stan-Eval, Olympic Arena, and finally, the TEAT
shop. Had a great first half of my AF career there. Got in touch with
an old friend because of THIS site! Our very best to all our old MCAFB
pals. Drop us a line! Marty and Martha
John R. Oliver   28/Apr/1999:19:09:54
Just updating my e-mail. It was listed incorrectly. I enjoy this
site. I keep hearing from old crewmembers.
Matt Lewis   27/Apr/1999:05:17:00
Outstanding! Now that's a missile! These Minuteman guys have trouble
comprehending the size of these babies.
Gary Bagby   26/Apr/1999:04:26:42
Memories are made of this... Was SMO at 381 -&- CC of line crew in 533 at
McConnell in the 70's. Then Trajectory Engineer at 544TJ at Offutt.
Left AF with the Titans for active duty at Lockheed.
Joe Dean N/A 24/Apr/1999:03:35:42
Great website, I was with the 308th SMW out of LRAFB Ark. E-lab shop,
from January 1981 to September 1983, any fellow 308th E-labbers out
there that were their when I was?
Dave Felker   21/Apr/1999:20:00:23
Great memories. Thanks.
Dan McNally 21/Apr/1999:13:15:50
Great website! I was in PTS at Little Rock in the late 60's - In '69 I
discovered the Air Force had jobs that (a) worked less that 80 hours a
week and (b) were slightly less toxic than rocket fuel and oxidizer, so
I cross trained! Spent 26 years in the USAF, but still looked back at
the days in the silos (and on top of them) with good feelings. Your
site brought back a lot of memories - Thanks
Andre' A. Randolph   20/Apr/1999:23:21:18
EXCELLENT Website!! I am a former Titan 2 Pneudraulics/technician that
was stationed at the 308 MIMS LittleRock AFB, ARK from June 82-July 87.
Fred Crytzer   20/Apr/1999:01:41:55
I was assigned to the 390th smw, 570th SMS/571st SMS from Oct 1966 to Jun 1971
This time included about a year or so as a wing instructor BMFT writing scripts for monthly crew training. My first site was 570-3 out in the valley.
Anyway I'll be in Las Vegas in October. Hope to see you and anybody else assigned to the 390th there.
Fred Crytzer San Antonio, TX
Ernest L Butler   18/Apr/1999:04:17:59
I was a BMAT in the 533 SMS at McConnell from 1962-1964 Crew R-103
Donald C. Reed   17/Apr/1999:23:36:09
MCCC at Little Rock (373 SMS) 1964 to 1968.
Detlev Willoughby   17/Apr/1999:04:02:04
Sam Dunkin   16/Apr/1999:05:17:32
Love those photos. I was a DMCCC and MCCC in 570th, then Eval MCCC on
the 571st crew and then various wing crews from '70 to '75. Had 220
alerts, all 18 complexes. Home site originally 570-1. Got to evaluate
an Olympic Play at 571-7 with the new DCO watching--and the door broke
(one of the latches didn't unlatch). Had some interesting days under
the desert, including the night of Dec 7 '71 (or '72) when we got 6" of
snow and the Tipsies went off--I was directed to go topside and clear
it myself.

And Paul Blanchard was the Sr. Eval MCCC who got me into DOV.

From D-M I went into Minuteman (107 alerts) at Whiteman for 5 years,
then to 15AF/DOMM and got to staff-assist the 390th. I went to the 10-
years-after get-together in '94. And the first thing I noticed at 571-
7 was that it DIDN'T smell the way I remembered. New A/C and having
doors open helps a lot.
Don Dye   16/Apr/1999:00:17:23
I was PTS troop at DMAFB 1974 - 1978 and 1981 - 1984 . LRAFB from
1984 - 1985. Would like hear from other PTS troops and Titan personnel.
John J. Deinken   15/Apr/1999:23:25:03
MCCC, 570SMS, DMAFB, 1970-1973
Bob Reimers   15/Apr/1999:02:15:41
David C. Leggett   15/Apr/1999:00:37:16
Great photos!

I was a DMCCC, later MCCC at Little Rock, 308 SMW/374SMS, from 1963 -
1969. Most alerts were pulled at Complex 4-7 starting in late December

Will for sure check back later.
Charlie Letteer   14/Apr/1999:02:49:36
DMCCC; 308th SMW; 1962-1966
Bob Servant   14/Apr/1999:02:05:39
Former Titan II BMAT 1970-1980 at 381 SMW McConnell AFB KS.
Former Titan II MCCC 1980-1986 at 308 SMW Little Rock AFB, AR

ACP, Instructor, Stan/Eval, Olympic Arena '84 and '85
Michael Frank   13/Apr/1999:23:54:17
I was at Little Rock AFB from 1974-1978, and again from 1982-
1987. I was a maintenance team chief. My main complexs were 374-5,374-
6 and 374-7. Thank you for bringing back some great memories.
William Cesary   13/Apr/1999:19:54:46
Another great Titan II site. I was at LRAFB from 1973 to 1977. Last
job was MCCC at the 3-8 ACP.
Kurt Mickus   13/Apr/1999:18:06:50
A real good webpage that brought back memories of 1980-84 as a
DMCCC/MCCC at DM. My crew was lucky enough to pull the last alert at DM
at 0-5. Seems like such a long time ago.
Stganley E. Matys   13/Apr/1999:03:22:52
Enjoying the many memories of the "cold war" days under the Kansas
skies. I was stationed at McConnell from 65 through 68 with the 533RD
SMS. Met many friends and would like to hear from them as well. Visited
the area back in 92 only to find that all was destroyed. Pulled alerts
in all of the both squadrons as a regular and also as a standby. I will
certainly visit Green Valley as soon as I can make it out there. Keep
up the good work in maintaining these web sites. They are our link to
the past and many friends long ago parted. Thanks.
Paul L. Huddleston   13/Apr/1999:03:10:16
Little Rock 1968-1976, DMCCC, MCCC, MPT, Command Post Controller.
Bob Ribortone   13/Apr/1999:02:21:26
Little Rock 1971-1977
Vandenberg 1977-1984
Andrew Barry   13/Apr/1999:00:06:13
Dennis Rowley   12/Apr/1999:23:52:26
DMCCC McConnell AFB then MCCC. 1973-1977. Now in Navy (sorry!)but
remember well the "old days".
Julian Leon   12/Apr/1999:23:45:41
LRAFB 1962-1966 308 MIMS
Ron Carlisle   12/Apr/1999:22:32:22
Nice to see another TII site. MFT MAFB 69-72, sites 2-6, 2-7, -&- 2-9.
Visited the Greenvalley site 2 years ago. The smell remains. Wish I
could have visited levels 1 -&- 3 of the Control Center, and level 1 -&- 8
of launch duct. Planning to return in near future. Good to see the
heritage still living.
Mike Gula if you are still out there e-mail me.
Jim Bridges   12/Apr/1999:22:09:35
390th, arrived early 60,s during construction, DMCCC/MCCC, 571st, back
up DMCCC(Instructor crew 101) at 570-2 when first Titan II Site
activated (Nate Shapiro was MCCC at 570-2),Stbd DMCCC(pulled alert at
all 18), MCCC at 571-7, Titan II Branch Chief at SAFB, Sector Commander
and DOT at MCAFB. Retired from Keesler with 31 years.
Jim Bridges
Craig C. Henschen   12/Apr/1999:20:43:15

MCCC 381st from 1972 thru 1977. Then went to AFOSI, retired from AF
in 1992.
CARY D. HAMILTON   12/Apr/1999:20:09:23
Dave W Reed   12/Apr/1999:18:37:14
Hi to anybody from the 390th MIMS or any crew members that were at DM
during 81-84. :o) Especially RPIE troops.Mike Murray and Roland
Spencer,or anybody that knows where they are,please write me at: or
Steve miller   12/Apr/1999:17:54:53
Former TII DMCCC/MCCC at Little Rock from 1968 t0 1974, Instructor DMCCC
and MCCC, Olympic Arena 70 and 72 and a the first Safeguard launch in
1971 (B-69 that blew it's tail off with closed prevalves after emergency
shutdown). 3901 SMES 1977 to 1982 as chief of the MM eval team and
Titan II field runner (best job I ever had)
Tom Veltman   12/Apr/1999:17:47:13
Good to look back and see a few familiar names here. MFT McConnell
1979-1986. 533SMS then to 532SMS after closing down the 533rd. I
stayed in Wichita and still drive by a few of the old sites. Someone
built a house right on top of 533-03 (and probably a few others)!
Bob Eagle   12/Apr/1999:16:48:57
DMCCC, 374 SMS, LRAFB, '79-'83
BILL DARPINO   12/Apr/1999:16:24:24
Jerry J. Jansen Jansen's Software 12/Apr/1999:16:20:26
Was with 390TH MIMS in Tucson from 1968 to 1972 as Titan II Missile
Engine Technician and then stationed at Sheppard ABF in Wichita Falls,
Texas as Instructor and then as CDC Writer from 1972 to 1986 when I
retired from the Air Force.

Now work for the Oklahoma House of Representatives in Information
Systems Division and have side business of Jansen's Software and sell a
program for Crime Stoppers Nationwide.
Bob Johnson   12/Apr/1999:16:07:24
This is good work. Good pictures, and well organized.

I served in Wichita at McConnell AFB, 381st Strat Missile Wing, Squadron
532, from 1966-1970. We were west and south of town.

I met my wife in Wichita. We started our family there, and now live in
California (Palo Alto). I have some happy memories of Wichita and my time
with the 381st.
Gerald Baker Missileman's Control Center 12/Apr/1999:15:48:32
Great site. Thanks for your hard work!!!!PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!!
dennis Locke Spokane Airports 12/Apr/1999:15:34:49
Was assigned to 571st SMS and 390th SMW from Feb 1965-Nov 1969 as DMCCC
and MCCC; also Officer Controller in 390WCP. Transferred to Fairchild
AFB and separated in Nov 1971.
Jim Thompson   12/Apr/1999:15:29:58

Hi Steve, I don't know if you remember me from DMAFB, but I remember you. Take care
Carl Franciose Carl Franciose's Home Page 12/Apr/1999:14:00:03
390SMW/571SMS DMAFB MCCC From 1979 to 1983

Hi everyone, it's nice to see that some of us are still keeping us old
missile guys/gals alive out there, at least in the Web world, less we

If anyone rememembers me feel free to e-mail me, I enjoy hairing from
old friends. If you like, you can visit my personal web site, just go
to: "".

IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW: For any of you who don't know
about this, the Defense Department is taking applications from those who
served during the Cold War. The dates are: Sept. 2, 1945 to Dec. 26,
1991. If you send in the proper information they will send you a Cold
War Recogniton Certificate. Just go to their web site at:
"http:/" to get the information you need to submit your
paul Blanchard   12/Apr/1999:14:00:01
Davis monthan MCCC 1968-1972
McConnell EWO, Sector Commander 1972-1975
Eugene L.D. Pearson   12/Apr/1999:13:43:50
David Crocker   12/Apr/1999:13:34:23
Nice to see that the Titan hasn't been forgotten. I was a BMAT at Davis-
Monthan for '71-74 and spent time in both the 570th and 571 SMS's. It
would be cool to hear from some of my old crew members...thaks for the
site and the pics of the deactivation.
James King King Page 12/Apr/1999:12:08:30
Former MFT in Davis-Monthan from 79-83. 571st SMS. br

Wife Ellen King (Formerly Ellen Hoffman) was MFT in 570th from br
Lonnie Young 12/Apr/1999:10:46:52
374th SMS LRAFB 1972-1975
MCCC ACP (4-1) Instructor

One thing the Air Force didn't tell us....
that we would want to keep in touch with
other crew members!

Where is BMAT Ed..(the short guy who was probably
the best BMAT USAF ever had - you moved to Texas)
MFT Craig Gossens (Wisconsin?)
MFT Doc Savage (you were in North Little Rock)

Lonnie Young
Orlando, Fl
William O. Farmer   12/Apr/1999:04:41:36
I was with the 390th from 1963-1969. I was a member of both the 570th
and 571st Missile Squadrons. I was on an instructor crew for a very
short time before being transferred to the Standardization Division.
I have a lot of great memories from those years. I hope to visit the
museum some time soon. I am puzzled by the small number of early crew
members listed.
Richard L. Anderson None 12/Apr/1999:04:04:27
Great site! I was a MCCC in the 374 SMS (308 SMW) at Little Rock AFB
from 1979 until 1984. Also served as a DOTI and DOV DMCCC. Still on
active duty, working in CINCPAC J45 as Security Assistance Officer to
India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Keep the Titan flame burning!
Rich Anderson
Ralph Hoemke   12/Apr/1999:03:24:39
Combat Crew at DMAFB, 571st. from 1965 to 1968 then tour in Vietman then
to McConnell from 1969 to 1974. Part of the time in Ops. on Senior
Instructor Crew and the other half in Maint. Then back to DM from 1974
till retirement in 79.
Am now pulling duty once or twice a week as a volunteer at the Titan II
Missile Museum in Tucson. Stop by and we'll give you a full blown tour.
Steve Kessler   12/Apr/1999:03:02:33
Nice site - good pix. I'm a Comm guy; McConnell 381 Comm Sq, SACCS
maintenance, 2/72-6/77, then on to the 3901st SMES, VAFB 77-80, with my
final days in SAC @ Omaha 80-84, where the family and I settled. If
you're in the area, you have ALL got to see the new SAC Museum on I80
west of Omaha. It's a class 1 place.
Bob Kaneko Bob Kaneko's Website 12/Apr/1999:02:57:58
Aloha! Impressive website...I did my 200 missions under Kansas, back in
1971-1973. Was a BMAT of a Combat Crew at 532-8 a regular line-crew
Lot's of memories...had no special incidents...seems like a blur in
If anyone remembers me and is vacationing in Honolulu, feel free to
contact me... (that last letter is Lima)
my email address is on the website.

Me Ke Aloha Pau Ole A Hui Hou
Jackie W. Tedford Mortgage Consultants Needed 12/Apr/1999:02:57:06
I served in 308 MIMS, at Little Rock Air Force Base, January 1964
through February 1967. I was in the Launch Equipment Shop. I still
live in the area.
Ed McClung   12/Apr/1999:02:50:20
BMAT, Crew R092, McConnell AFB, 1967-1970
Duffy Daugherty   12/Apr/1999:02:36:28
Glad to see another T-II site. Was MFT at LRAFB from 65-70. Went on
to MM at GFAFB as D/MCCC from 71-76, eventually to BMO for M-X
(Peacekeeper) and SICBM development as an acquisition type from 79-83.
All in all I pulled approximately 550 underground tours as a crew dog
in over 9 years underground. Last time I was in a T-II complex was 71
at VAFB. I was showing some of my MM crew classmates what a 'real'
missile/control center was like. I still think I could do the 270+
step MFT daily checklist and not miss too many items. Those definitely
were the 'glory' days!!
Skip Ahrensfield Msg   11/Apr/1999:20:15:50
Grteat site. I was stationed at MAFB from Nov 63to jul 69 Installed
missiles in 533-7-8-9. Was pad chief on 3-7 and 3-9till 1955 . Went to
job contol till 1969.
Don Luce   07/Apr/1999:16:54:00
Was DMCCC/MCCC at Little Rock, AFB (374SMS) 8/69-8/73.
Ronne G. Mercer   05/Apr/1999:19:26:52
Was a DMCCC, MCCC, and Chief of Scheduling from 75-79 at D-M. Don't miss the missile world but do miss the camaraderie of the crewmembers. Have had the opportunity to work with Steve Sutton for the past year or so and have enjoyed our Titan II discussions.
George Minton   02/Apr/1999:21:42:57
Good Web page

George Minton
Max Collins   02/Apr/1999:19:17:58
I was an MCCC and maintenance officer at McConnell 1978 to 1985. Wild times!
Bill Plowden   02/Apr/1999:12:51:43
Thanks for the site! Great opportunity to hear from former members of the missle fraternity. I was a DMCCC and MCCC at McConnell from 1968-1972. Would like to hear from others who were there at that time.
Michael Davis   01/Apr/1999:18:37:44
Great site! I was stationed at VAFB from 1974-1980 in PTS doing
launch support with one TDY mission in 1975 to DMAFB. I live in Arizona
and have toured the Green Valley Titan II museum. It brought back all
the sights sounds and smells of yesteryear. The quality of your photos
are very good. It sure brings back memories. If anyone has a good e-mail
lists of Titan missilemen please forward it on to me. Thanks.
James Buck   31/Mar/1999:02:42:46
You have some great pictures.
Tom Garrett   24/Mar/1999:13:20:44
If you look in the list of postings, I made one when I first found this
page. Since then I have been hired at the Titan II museum in Green
Valley, AZ. My job is Head of Volunteers, Maintenance, and Restoration.
The Deputy Director is my boss and she is one great person. But rest
assured, fellow missileers, the museum is now in the hands of one of
"us". I will insure that the integrity of the site is maintained and
that our story is accurately told to all.
Although I was an MCCC, since I've been back at the Museum, LT Col
Orv Dourghty and Col Hugh Matheson (both 390th MIMS) have been
upgrading my education!
bill sheppard   19/Mar/1999:23:00:38
good clear photo's. Served in 308th Strategic Missile Wing at LRAFB in
early 70's. Thanks.
Chris French (French   18/Mar/1999:21:20:44
Nice place you have here. Long live the famous PTS canoe trips we had
in Little Rock. Those were the days. Ya'll take care.
Ron McFarlin   18/Mar/1999:18:03:31
Pneudraulics--- 80 - 84
Lt Col Bob Kennedy   14/Mar/1999:17:12:20
400 strategic alerts under Northern Arkansas. 308SMW!

I like your home page.
Bob Scoville   13/Mar/1999:04:38:51
I was E-Lab with 390th MIMS at Davis-Monthan from 82-83.I then Palace Chase out to Air Guard and cross trained to Radar Op.I miss some of the good times and I dont miss dorm life!I love the site,it brings back alot of memories.
Pat Boylan   10/Mar/1999:00:53:42
PTS LRAFB 79 til the end. Great Site
Chuck Putnam   09/Mar/1999:04:20:52
381st MIMS, McConnell AFB, KS. Guidance and E-Lab. One of the last true
Guidance guys before being retrained for E-Lab in October, 1978.
LARRY DUNN   07/Mar/1999:07:44:34
390th MIMS PTS 4/82-9/84 308TH MIMS PTS 9/84-4/87.THIS BRINGS BACK MANY
SCOTT GOFF   07/Mar/1999:04:56:13
Was poking around on the Internet and came across your site. Yes,
indeed -- the pictures bring back many memories. I was assigned to 390
MIMS in missile electric from late 1970 through 2Q-1974. For a couple
of years, a few of us stayed in contact. But now, only one fellow do I
still know. I remember lowering those MG's (motor generators) through
the floor of the second level down into the third level, doing battery
checks on the BPS's, and power supplies. There was always a pucker-
factor when we (remember the no-lone zones!) connected up the
translational and verniar (spelling?) rockets. And, finally, I am glad
I wasn't crushed when doing maintenance checks on the T-locks inside
the little 4 "rooms" on level one of the launch tube. I was told that
the big bird had America's largest nuclear bang with the W-53 warhead
having almost 10 M-tons. I'll save the reunion information, but most
of the people signing this guest-book I think were on combat crews.
Where are all the peo
Bill Smith   06/Mar/1999:15:00:16
PTS at McConnell from 1981-1985
Tonney Ellerbe   05/Mar/1999:16:11:10
I was stationed at LRAFB from 82-85 in the MASH shop in the 308th SMW.
Missile Alignment and Handling Team. Also worked in Plans and Scheduling
from 84 to 85. If you remember me email me. "Handler handle it".
Michael D. Doherty Search Engine Notebook 03/Mar/1999:20:27:22
I ran into a tour guide from the Titan site in Green Vally this morning.
After talking with him for a couple of hours I got on the net to find
some Titan web pages. I didn't even looked at the pictures, but went
straight to the Guestbook. I agree with the guy who said it brings back
sad/good memories. I went through the list but didn't recognize any
names. Thought maybe someone would recognize mine if I signed in.
MFT 571st Squadron
Stationed DM 1971-1974
Instructor Crew
Some things I still think about:
Car accidents:
Bob Coombs (my roomate)
The guy who was killed stuffed into the back widow of a corvette who
had been a fellow MFT on a temporary 5 man crew
Apologies to Captain Lanclos (and the rest of the crew)for not
volunteering for that Vandenberg launch.
Apologies to Captain (sorry, the name's on the tip of my tounge) ?, from
Mo., for not getting my hair cut, resulting in a letter of reprimand and
your subsequent voluntary separation. I should never have liste
Drew Gurbach   03/Mar/1999:17:08:06
I was at McConnell from 82 till 86. Through sites like this, i have
made contact with several old friends. I was an RPIE puke in the refer
shop. It seems so long ago UNTIL you look at the pictures, then it
seems like yesterday. Keep up the good work!
steve tibbs   03/Mar/1999:03:11:50

bmat at little rock 80-86
John Ware   26/Feb/1999:18:21:15
Great to establish a connection with our past. Outstanding photo's that
I can now share with my 17 year old. Left 533-7 (McConnell) the morning
of the BFRC in 1978. Lost a couple of friends that day, but their
memory lives on. Looking forward to sharing with others via e-mail, or
that live in San Antonio area. Thanks for the hard work with this
Thomas M. Orton   26/Feb/1999:05:22:21
I was an MFT at McConnell from '79 thru shutdown. I do tours at the
museum when I can between deployments. I'm currently assigned to the
42 ACCS at Davis-Monthan.
Dave Winger   23/Feb/1999:17:37:02
Great pictures! I worked PTS from 1966 until retirement in 1981. Was
stationed at LRAFB, VAFB, ChanuteAFB, and DMAFB. Thanks for the great
Doug Brown   23/Feb/1999:08:05:11
Thanks for the great pictures.I was an MFT at Davis-Monthan from
1968-1971.I was at site 570-3.Brings back alot of good memories.
Dave Felker   22/Feb/1999:20:14:50
Thanks for setting up this site. It brought back some really great/sad


Dave Felker
Richard Bradshaw   15/Feb/1999:20:02:38
Thanks for the memories. From an old pts troop,(1980-till the last one
was deactivated in AR). Then cross trained into Space Command. Exiting
the AF in Feb 90, as no longer world wide qualified. As if TitanII
troops were ever, world wide qualified.
Michael J. Brickels   15/Feb/1999:02:16:02
Another great Titan II site. I was a BMAT at LRAFB
1968-1971, 374th SMS, Crew E-135. Where did you all
go? Crew cammander, Capt. Michael Key, MFT "Smitty"
from Chicago, Robert Zellner and the rest. Drop me
a note.
Kevin Venarchick   13/Feb/1999:17:54:02
was stationed at McConnell AFB from 83 - 86 was apart of the Elab
section and the PVD lab.
cary hamilton   12/Feb/1999:18:05:07

I was a missle engine tech on the Titan ll 1969 - 72. I was at vandenberg with the 395 MAMS then transferred to the 381st MIMS at McConnell until my discharge. It great to read all this info about the Titans.
William G. Johnson J   12/Feb/1999:13:53:28
Pleased to see another Titan II page, especially one devoted to the
390th SMW's deactivation. I was a flight commander in the 836th SPS at
D-M from 1/83-10/84, and we all got to get involved with that, one way
or another. The pictures (and I hope there are more coming!) brought
back memories; here's hoping more former D-M troops are your guests at
this excellent site.
daryl eberman   12/Feb/1999:06:11:50
ex pts nice pics
Charlie Pope   10/Feb/1999:21:21:14
Tom Garrett   03/Feb/1999:12:57:20
Great Site! I enjoy seeing the pictures of the missile pull. I was at
DMAFB from 76-80, all in the 570 SMS. Pulled alert at 17 of our 18
sites, certified as ACP DMCCC, and finished as MCCC (R-012). Retired in
87, and am a Tour Guide Instructor/Evaluator at the Museum in Green
Valley, AZ. If you are in Southern Arizona, stop by and look me up. I
can give you the specialized tour, top to bottom, that the public
doesn't get. And yes, it still smells the same!
Chip Allen Atomic Weasel 30/Jan/1999:23:41:28
MFT with 374 SMS and 373 SMS 1973-1976.
Bob Robinson   27/Jan/1999:17:46:45
I was an MFT at McConnell from 1971-75. Pulled alerts at 532-5 and
later 532-4 as instructor. I really miss the old Titan days. Not much
left of the old sites today. Just grass, hardstands and the antenna
lids. Great web site. Will check it often.
Joe Brown   25/Jan/1999:03:45:44
MFT Atlas F Combat Crew 1962-1965, 551st SMS, Lincoln, AFB, Ne. MFT
Titan II Combat Crew 1965-1969, 395th SMS VAFB. MFT Titan II Combat
Crew, 1969-1971, 532nd SMS, McConnel AFB, Ka. A lot of memories.
John Smith   24/Jan/1999:17:03:33
I really loved your "site". I was with the 308th SPS from 81-84 and
this has brought back a lot of memories, both of good times and not so
good times. As a former sky cop it's great to finally be able to show my
younger brothers what I was protecting since we were told that we
couldn't go into any details(y'all know Security Reasons and all that).
Thanks again, and if there are any other sky cops out there please don't
forget to sign the guest book as we were a part of it too.

Paul Olsen   23/Jan/1999:21:09:01
Neat site!
Was a mft at Mcconnell on the 532nd from 74-77.
Keep up the memories!!!
Dennis Rowley   21/Jan/1999:21:15:07
former dmccc and mccc with the 381st. great stuff! from reading your
guestbook, looks like our crew wasn't the only one playing spades!!
thanks for the site!
Edward A. Smith LR E   21/Jan/1999:00:59:26
I WAS AT LRAFB (308 MIMS) 79'-83'
Ken Mabe   19/Jan/1999:02:14:21
Thanks for bringing back so many great memories. I'll never forget my
days in "the hole". I made friends with so many people that I've lost
touch with. On weekend alerts when there were no maintenance troops on
site (and the DSV was complete) we'd sit around for hours playing
spades, decoding messages, and pressing "ACK CALL" every time the SAC
command post conducted a "...Test of the Primary Alerting System".

Great site! Keep up the good work.

Ken Mabe
Ex-MFT McConnell AFB '79-'81
Nick Porcaro BMFT 3   16/Jan/1999:12:29:38
I served from 1978 to 1982 at Davis Monthan AFB. Enjoyed the time and
the people that I served with. I have made contact with a number of
people through these web pages.


David Rawson Rawson Family Home Page 14/Jan/1999:14:21:01
Served on Titan crew 1970-1981 at McConnell AFB as MFT
claude sirois   11/Jan/1999:17:51:48
this brings back old memories and loving it! I was stationed in tucson...then little rock as an ELAB technician..then moved to the lesser of two evils...minuteman....south'm stationed at vandenberg, ca....doing three more years to go......enjoyed your sight!...see ya
Mike Miles Mike Miles' Page 10/Jan/1999:05:18:32
I'm a former Titan II crew member assigned to the 390 SMW, 571 SMS at
Davis-Monthan AFB. I was stationed there from 1982 to 1984. I'm glad
to see that you are keep the memories alive for us ex-Titan troops.
keep up the good work.

Mike Miller   07/Jan/1999:23:09:26
I was a maintance crew chief (PAD DAD) for the 308SMW at LRAFB 1978 -
1981. This web site brought back both good and bad memories (mostly
good)! Thanks for keeping the public informed. On the way to site 374-
2 we stopped at a little country store to get soft drinks and the store
owner asked "what are you boys do'n up there, puimp'n gas?" I was
amazed at how many people around the sites really didn't know what was
in their backyards. Thanks again - Mike
Bill Daley   03/Jan/1999:04:29:18
Great to see we're are not forgotten. I spent 300 alerts under Little
Rock Ark. I've hooked up with many friends from these sites.
Norm Neiger   31/Dec/1998:18:08:53
I was stationed at Davis-Monthan from Dec 1973 to Jul 1984. I was Crew
Member for the first 7 seven years as a Line Crew Member to Line
Instructor to a Wing Instructor, in 1976 I was in OA for the Wing.
After Crew Duty I spent time in the MIMS, but most of my time was in 390
HQ. I think I was the only person that was stationed there that was in
all the Squadrons, 570 SMS, 571 SMS, 390 MIMS, 390 HQ (Both in
operations and in Maintenance). I think this site is great and keep up
the good work, I like to hear from the people from the old days, so
JOHN R. OLIVER   30/Dec/1998:12:44:33
Del Kidwell   29/Dec/1998:18:58:52
Enjoyed your site. During 1962 I was part of the GD/A activation team
for Atlas F's located near Altus AFB (Oklahoma.) I heard a lot about
the Titans, but never saw one. Thanks for keeping the memory of these
grand old birds alive! Would you happen to know if anyone has a photo of
an Atlas LCC-2 intact? (Particularly the command console.)
Walter Moxley   29/Dec/1998:15:36:57
Guidance tech. and later cross-trained to ELAB at McConnell, 1977-81.
Enjoyed the pictures.
Don Boelling 22/Dec/1998:23:51:13
Great Pictures! Since I put up my Titan II ICBM Web Page I have been
impressed with the way the Titan II herritage has been kept alive by the
web. Keep up the great work.

Titan II Web Page is at
Jim Creighton   19/Dec/1998:13:57:46
390th MIMS RPIE electrician Davis-Monthan AFB from 1981 to 1984
Stephen Sutton TITAN II / LGM-25C 15/Nov/1998:13:08:30
Welcome to my TITAN II Site, I'm the Site Webmaster and a former Titan
II Missile Maintenance Technician (MMT). I was assigned to the 390th
SMW, Missile Inspection Maintenance Squadron (MIMS), Davis-Monthan AFB,
AZ. From 1982 till 1984, I help with the complete deactivation of the
wing. I cross trained to C-130 APG Crew Chief, and I've been stationed
at Little Rock AFB, AR, Rhein Main AB, Germany, and Kirtland AFB NM.
If you have any suggestions for this site, please e-mail me.

All Former Titan II Alumni, Please sign my Guest Book!

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