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gary bowes   26/Dec/2000:20:37:29
two thumbs up!!
Alan Vaculin   26/Dec/2000:19:51:47
PTS at
Bill Smith   24/Dec/2000:00:21:48
PTS at McConnell from 81 to 85.
Tim Lessard   21/Dec/2000:20:12:09
Titan II Missleer (MMT) 390 MIMS 1982-84. I was a memeber of the best
Titan deactivation unit in the AF. I hung around with Kenny Schumann,
Tony Bodine, Bill McPherson, Kenny Karasch, Welker (Bad GTO). Knew
Lavender, Kracke, Gaitan, Wiersch, Cunningham, Sutton (still have your
David Rawson   15/Dec/2000:22:05:03
Served in the 381St at McConnell 1970-81. MFT. Enjoyed your pictures.
Bill Gentry   13/Dec/2000:02:18:21
Project Engineer. Worked on the GE design Team for the Titan II IRCS
(hard radio for site to site Communications). Equipmnt was installed on
the third level (two 1kw transmitters, branching filter and racks of
diversity receivers with mux). System normally conected to above ground
antenna with two hard pop-up antennas as backup). Tested, proposed and
fixed the Davis Monthan system (added repeaters to overcome ground
reflected radio signals). Spec'ed the antenna alignments and types.
Worked at the sites just as the system was going on line.
Joe Anderson   07/Dec/2000:22:48:17
I was in the 381st MIMS, PTS shop at McConnell 1968 to 1972
I agree with Mike Baska. We had an outstanding group of guys to work
and party with. In those 4 years from the pool halls to nightclubs to
the missile complexes I know I used up seven of my nine lives. I still
entertain my family and friends with stories from those years.
Robert Keck   04/Dec/2000:18:26:31
I was at DM 390 MIMS from march 1979 thur dec 1983 in the pneudralics
shop this page sure brought back alot of good time from my first
Nick Tonti   01/Dec/2000:01:12:53
Stationed at Vandenberg from 63 to 67, in the 395th SMS. Titan II
Pnrdraulics Tech.
Refurbishment team. I was one on the guys that had to clean up after
you Gentlemen from operational bases would come out to Calif. and left
a mess for us to clean up.
Donald B. Billingsle   28/Nov/2000:05:11:43
DMCCC and MCCC in the 308 SMW at Little Rock AFB, AR from February 1963
till May 1969.
Bill Babcock   26/Nov/2000:03:49:27
I was assigned to the 2151st Comm. Squadron's IRCS shop at Little Rock
from July 78 - January 80. Always hated going out to site 374-7!
Donnie Anderson   24/Nov/2000:14:50:36
Stumbled upon your page by accident. Was a MFT at McConnell AFB (1972-
75) with the 532nd SMS. Pulled most of my alerts at 532-7 and 532-9
(the ACP). Seen alot of names that I remember... Ernie Marin, Jeff
Barney... Thanks for the memories, Donnie Anderson
Tom Crossman   19/Nov/2000:05:00:44
MFT at LRAFB from july 73 to dec 76. Pulled most of my tours at 4-7.
For me it was quite sad to hear what happened there. A lot of good
times where spent there. Also saw the tornado that leveled Cabot. Would
like to hear from any one who was there then.
Norm Neiger   16/Nov/2000:02:05:00
Hello to you people who spent time below ground. I was stationed at
DMAFB in the 390th SMW from 1973 to 1984, started as a MFT on a line
crew, and then went to OA in 1976. From 1976 and 1979 was a line then
a Wing Instructor. My last years in Tucson, I was in the 390 MIMS
doing a handful of jobs. My e-mail address is, my
family and I are living in the San Francisco Bay area. Look forward in
talking all the old guys.
Thomas Omundson   13/Nov/2000:20:13:16
PTS at McConnell 82-86
William Harrington   11/Nov/2000:03:09:13
MFT, 3 years in the 570th, Instructor crew 214, then DOV for a short
time. Retired and working in Sierra Vista, AZ now.
Christopher B Swan U   28/Oct/2000:17:47:51
Neat site.. I was at Little Rock from 1976 to 1979 as a radio maint at
the missle squadrons. (RTMN -&- 487L Equip)
richard sullivan   23/Oct/2000:01:02:23
hello! my father (carroll sullivan) was a crewman on the titan 2's in
little rock,AFB (squadron unkown); and i am also doing a history fair
project on them. this is a great site, and has been very helpful for my
project. thank you!
peter taylor 22/Oct/2000:02:01:48
Great Job,
I was a R/V type at VAFB and saw many TitanII launches, always a very
impressive sight, the overpressure and crackel of the engines is
somthing I never will forget.We also had the responsibility of picking
up the pieces, the red cloud spread for miles! Great Website, I am
working on one for the 51st MMS {my squadron]. Hope we can link up.
Our annual reunion is going to be held at Albuquerque next year. Maybe
I can drive down for a tour, on the wat back to California.
Bob Conaway   20/Oct/2000:03:29:16
'69-'73 MFT, 571SMS, 390SMW - Alerts primarily at 1-1, 1-6, 1-5, 1-7

Nice site. Keep up the good work !
Steve Marback   13/Oct/2000:17:17:22
Great Site! I was stationed at Little Rock AFB in the 374th SMS as an
MFT from 1982-1986. Lots of great memories.
Tom Manson Manson's Page du Jour 06/Oct/2000:01:18:35
I was an MFT at Mconnell between 1972 and 1979 as a line crewmember, an
ACP crewmember, and Instructor and finally Standboard (what else). I
returned to Wichita in 1988 and went to find one of my old complexes
near El Dorado, KS. I was suprised how virtually unrecognizable the
site had become. I always wondered what was involved in the shutdown of
the complexes. I still am curious about how they were filled (with
what?) and covered the sites once they got the birds out. Thanks for
the great shots.
Jerry Fontaine   03/Oct/2000:19:39:13
MFT stationed at DM in the 390th/570th from 1979 to 1982. That was one
of the most memorable times of my life. Visited the Titan II museum in
1998. It was quite an experience pulling alert there as an
instructor.The museum did an outstanding job preserving the site, and
setting up the missile.
DAVE WINGER   02/Oct/2000:01:16:21
Anothet great Titan II Site. I spent 15 years in PTS starting at LRAFB
in 1966. From there to VAFB, Chanute AFB,and retired for DMAFB 19 years
ago today. (1981) Worked with so great people and have some fond
memories. Keep up the good work.
W Ron Moss   25/Sep/2000:03:18:02
I was with the 381st MIMS , McConnell AFB in the PTS shop from
1966-1970.If anyone remembers or served with me , drop a line !!
Ken Mabe   25/Sep/2000:01:28:49
MFT 381 SMW / 523SMS McConnell AFB '79-'82. Great site. I'm glad to
see so much history being preserved. All of this brings back many fond
memories. Thanks!
Mark Goodlund   22/Sep/2000:14:18:26
BMAT 381SMW 532SMS '73 through '77. Lots of alerts at 2-5 and 2-9. OA in
'75 (Best Titan Wing) Great part of my life!!
Spencer Blank   20/Sep/2000:15:21:19
As a former MCCC from the 533SMS at McConnell, it is a pleasure to see
this part of my past documented and finally acknowledged. As a UC
Berkeley AFROTC graduate in 1973, I found that my career choice was not
exactly popular. 1974-79 were years I will never forget.
Rob Fruggiero   12/Sep/2000:22:37:46
Great Site. I was stationed at Little Rock from 1982-1987. Went from
major maint. to ACP, then instructor. Was very lucky to be on the last
Titan crew. We turned over the final site to CE. A great and sad day.
Now active duty with the New York ANG. I'm the communications team
chief for a WMD Civil Support Team. Talk about full circle!
Joe Brown none 06/Sep/2000:02:07:57
Been around for quite a long time..made entries in the three Titan II
quest books...Boellings....Tommy's...and Titan II/LGM-25C...I'm and old
Atlas F and Titan II Combat Crew MFT dog (just about 10 years) 1962 thur
1972..Lincoln AFB, Atlas F..1961-1965...551st SMS...Vandenberg, AFB
1965-1969...395th SMS...McConnell AFB, Kn...532 SMS...1969-1971. Sure
wish I'd kept a daily dairy...woulda been best seller for sure...
Just visited the SAC Museum...lo and behold back in a corner I spotted a
Atlas F and a Titan II launch Control console..not on display but just
sitting back against a wall. Had to just stand there and stare at them
for a while..Oh the stories to be told..sure wish there would had
been a FRCP (Facilities Remote Control Panel..)... MFT's know...
Oh well...just stopped by to say hey and that...WE WON THE COLD WAR...
(us missile crew dogs and our B-52 buddies..)Salute' to all the Missile
Combat Crew dogs..stand tall be proud.....
Maj Mark Clark, USAF   05/Sep/2000:14:06:29
Nice site, enjoyed the visit! I was a Senior DMCCC at McConnell from
1984-86 and Little Rock from 1986-87. Miss the old gal, she was a lot
of hard work but we crew dawgs had a lot of fun! Nothing like the
smell of hydraulic fluid mixed with a little Nitrogen Tetroxide to
clear out the old lungs!
Carroll Sullivan   25/Aug/2000:15:02:27
DMCCC/MCCC at 308th mid 80's. Helped deactivate several sites, but
left before the bitter end. Had some fun alerts...and some not so fun
ones. Sure DON'T miss 3901st, IG, etc.. Great to see some of the
names from the past. Notice how all the old SAC missilers have been
forgotten in the history books?
Michael Loze   23/Aug/2000:13:00:54

Dave Strohm   22/Aug/2000:03:30:52
Must of been having a "senior moment" when I put in the dates for T-II
deactivation! I was MMII Deactivation Pgm Mgr 1988-89 and did my tour
for T-II deactivation in 1985-86.
DMCCC/MCCC LRAFB 1967-73 -&- 4315CCTS Instructor 1973-77 with Jack
Dodson, Chief Adam Aslander, Mel Nishihara, Jim Bumgardner, Ernie
Marin, Bob Linhard, Sam Reece et. al. - best USAF jobs I ever had.
Titan II Deactivation Program Manager 1988-89 - saddest USAF job I ever
had. This is a great site, I'll check back often. Does anyone know
the whereabouts of Joe Hartel or John Lewis?
Jeff Barney   16/Aug/2000:17:30:51
email updated 8/11/00
jack dodson   14/Aug/2000:21:02:50
Currently on leave from AAFES with daughter in Chandler AZ. Brought
back many many memories..Sorry to read of the passing of so many
we worked with daily. My regards to all and best wishes.
Bill Howard 11/Aug/2000:20:35:25
Little Rock AFB - Sep 1971 - Feb 1977
DMCCC/MCCCC, Instructor, ACP
Olympic Arena 1931,1974,1975
Wing Electronic Engineer (Technical Engineering Analysis Division)
Went to Green Valley March 2000 - just like home downstairs - no jungle
Dave Giere   08/Aug/2000:22:52:51
I was the technical director for the USAF contract to convert Titan II
ICBMs to Space Launch Vehicles. They're still flying beautifully.
Don Carrier   05/Aug/2000:00:36:08
LRAFB 2151st CS 1979-1983 First Assignment. Sobered up and retired!
Eugene LD Pearson   01/Aug/2000:20:27:34
I spent 2 tours in the 390th as a BMAT,1970-1973 -&- 1978-1984, both in
the 570SMS and as an Instructor and Stand Board. I removed the 1st
missile from alert for deactivation at DM. From DM I went to OTS and
came back to Titan IIs as a DMCCC, in the last Titan Officer class, to
Little Rock. At Little Rock I turned over the last Titan site to the
contractors for destruction. Having not had my fill of missiles, I
volunteered for Ground Launch Cruise Missiles. I spent a remote at
Comiso, Italy. Then I made the mistake of returning to the states as
Command Post Controller for bombers at the 7th BMW, Carswell AFB, TX. I
was out of my element and a real second class citizen there. So I
retired. Best move I ever made.
Drew Gurbach   31/Jul/2000:16:04:54
Was with the 381st from '82 to 96. refer tech in RPIE. Anyone
remember me?
Richard {Dick} Schut   24/Jul/2000:14:44:11
Great site, brought back many memories. Served in the PTS shop at
Little Rock from 1966 till 1970. Worked with a great bunch of guys. I
remember working lots of overtime. The TDY trips to Vandenburg also the
boxed lunches were so tasty. If any of the men I worked with happen on
this site send a message.
Mark Luffman Hands On Computers 21/Jul/2000:09:44:12
Nice Job! I was in the RV Maintenance Crew at DMAFB from 1976
to 1979. I would like to hear from others who were in the RV crew
at DM. Thanks.
Henry Stevens   20/Jul/2000:03:32:46
Hi Steve, great site! I was one of the first to be assigned to the 390th
MMS Guidance shop in the fall of 1962. Ironically, I was assigned to
help the Corps. of Engineers with equipment inventory of 571-7, Our now
Museum . At this time there were no silos ready however, as the sites
became ready, I assisted the AC Spark Plug Reps. do the first Azimuth A
sub-zero angles for all the sites for targeting data. From then on
until May 1968 I worked at all sites duing the guidance maintenance
thing. I was on the first AAS team to go to VAFB to launch the first
missile selected to be fired by our Wing. Also I was a member of the
first AAS team for the first SAC Missile Competition, "Curtain Raiser"
in 1967. I donated a picture of the AAS Team and Launch Team along
with some patches for this function to the Museum last year. all
together, I helped install the guidance equipment for 4 launches of
Titan II's at VAFB. So much for this rambling. Would like to hear from
some of the old buddies.
Michael J. Baska   19/Jul/2000:18:44:45
I was in the 381st MIMS, PTS shop at McConnell from 1968 to 1972. I
have been looking for information on Titan II's and found this great
site. Those were great years with some of the best individuals I have
ever worked with. Would like to hear from others who were at McConnell
during the same time period.
Frank Gibson   08/Jul/2000:18:51:22
390th SMW 1980 - 1984. DMCCC, MCCC, Instructor, ACP crew, PTS crew
570th SMS
Ben L. Barker   03/Jul/2000:19:17:36
Andrew Barry   01/Jul/2000:22:23:18
Was a MFT at DM from '73 to '77 with 570th SMS (390th SMW). Pulled a
few alerts at 1-7 (now museum) while on Instructor duty. Wish it had
the carpet and sound attenuation back then. Any of you SAC trained
killers that were on crew with me, drop me line! Great website, keep up
the good work!
Jim Crowder   30/Jun/2000:05:03:06
I was stationed at DM 390 MIMS May 1971 - Aug 1974, facilities
electrician in RPIE. Does anyone have a map of location of all the
missile sites, I know there's a website that has latitute / longitude
of the sites, but was looking for a map. Thanks. Museum is great, wish
they would let you tour lower.
LLOYD S ENSINGER   28/Jun/2000:03:06:03
Betty (Rice) Krueger   26/Jun/2000:18:22:31
I was the first female assigned to the prop shop, 381st MIMS,
McConnell, July 75 to Sept. 77. I was also crew chief of 2-4 , then
went on to scheduling. Boy, does this ever bring back memories. I
never realized there was so much I had never forgotten. Great to see
names of people I used to worked with, too. Great site!!

Thanks for the memories!
Mike Miller   26/Jun/2000:16:10:36
I was a DMCCC and MCCC at Littlerock 1978-1981 (308th -&- 373rd).
William E. Hall   26/Jun/2000:14:16:48
I am one of the orininals. I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB from 1958
to 1968. I was working both the Titan I and Titan II at the same time
while assigned to the 395th SMS. I was transferred to McConnell AFB in
August 1968. I remained with the 381st SMW until my retirement in 1984.
If there is anyone out there that remember me (Smoky), Drop me a line.
John Cathey   26/Jun/2000:13:59:59
BMAT at LRAFB 78-82 left for GLCM. Enjoy seeing names from the past, at
times i can still do parts of dsv in my head. Talk about useless crap in
your head. Would love to contact anyone from The Rock am especially
looking for Jeff Allen. Great site keep up the good work, some memories
are worth preserving.
Robert Hicks   26/Jun/2000:02:03:29
MCCC 381SMW 75-80
George Currie Titansite 07 25/Jun/2000:03:39:26
Updating my information. I served with the 390th SMW, MIMS, PTS at
DMAFB 1979-1981 and with the 381st SMW, MIMS, PTS 1981-1983 at LRAFB.
I have put together a web site of Titan-II uniform patches and related
items for everyone to take a look at. If you were involved with the
Titan-II please sign in. Semper Titan, George Currie
James C. (Jimmy) Kin King Family Page 24/Jun/2000:14:40:46
My wife and I were both MFTs at Davis-Monthan. Me from 1979-1983 and
her from 1981 to Deactivation in 1984. I am a Major in the USMC now
flying KC-130s...quite a switch, but I love it. Stationed in Okinawa
until summer 2002. If you are ever in town...
Bill Darpino   22/Jun/2000:11:12:54
Mark Fulton   22/Jun/2000:03:20:08
BMFT, 390th SMW, 1975 - 1978.
David Parsons   08/Jun/2000:18:41:52
BOB BUTLER   03/Jun/2000:19:17:46
Don Williams The Fly Fishing Bums 03/Jun/2000:14:35:40
I was a Missile Systems Analysts Technician from 1974 through April of
79. I was assigned to an ACP crew for two and a half years before my
discharge. Eight HQ's in five years. In 1996 I was part of project
Rivet Hawk. We tested the new guidance system installed in or around
January of 1997. On June 26th or 27th of 1996 we successfully launched
the Project Rivet Hawk Titan II at Vandenburg AFB. Great experience.
Wouldn't trade my time on crew for anything. I still talk to some of my
old crew members from time to time still today.

BAMT - Don Williams
Bob Allan   30/May/2000:16:03:33
Enjoyed the site. Was part of 308th SMW at Little Rock AFB from 71-
73. 388th Comm Sq., SACCS maintenance (465L). A lot of good memories.
Major Jerry Amato, U   26/May/2000:23:09:26
Thanks for the memories: LRAFB 1981~1985. 374 SMS,DMCCC. 308th
Instructor DMCCC. 374 SMS MCCC. 308th Instructor MCCC. 308th Stan
Eval MCCC. I thought it would all be forgotten, but thanks to you, it
lives on. I have one request if any old LRAFB folks read this: If you
know of anyone or knew anyone who lived on the Rock during the 70s~80s
that contracted any life threatening illness such as Leukemia,
Hodgkins, etc. please email me. Thanks.
Jim Hendrix   24/May/2000:05:21:29
This sure brought back memories !! Good and bad. But I enjoyed my Titan
II experiences, most of the time. I was in PTS and Bio at Little Rock
Rocket Ranch, I spent my first 10 years (2 of them at DM) causing
BFRC's and then 5 years in PTEST plotting where the BFRC's were going
to go !!! I worked with some memorable guys, "Frank the Deviator" and
a "Turkeybuzzard", does anyone remember them ? Thanks for the memories !
John Thompson   21/May/2000:22:44:56
308 SMW Little Rock AFB Arkansas 1979--1985
373 SMS DMCCC, Instructor DMCCC, MCCC, Alternate Command Post
308 MIMs Maintenance Officer
308 SMW Weapons Safety Officer

Miss cableway bowling and hard-hat toss against silo water tank.
Also miss my swim in the silo closure door maint pits topside.
Miss good games of "Risk" and "Spades"

Don't miss stan-evals, IG, or 3901 SMES

Ole gang consisted of Tim Nixon, Chuck Zacherro, Mark Goff, Rich
Anderson, Paul Willard, Chris Wilkerson, Charlie Powell, Jimmy Sharp,
Al Harden, Dave Wright
BILL HAYGOOD   20/May/2000:16:18:40
bmat 308smw/374sms 73-76
Larry Mersberg   17/May/2000:00:47:11
Great Stuff! Brings back old memories. I was in the 381st MIMS, PTS
1963-1967. I see from your guest book my buddy Woody signed in. We
tried to get a reunion going and had no luck. Anyone from the old days
please contact me. Keep up the good work. It's nice to be recognized.
Tsgt Joseph V. Mikit   16/May/2000:22:18:07
Richard Bagley   16/May/2000:00:27:14
Very interesting!
KIMBER Woods   14/May/2000:16:51:13
Great pictures which bring bavk many great (and not so great)
memories. I was with the 381st MIMS at McConnell AFB assigned to the
PTS Servicing Section from 1963 thru 1966. I was involved in the
incident at 3-7 during which we had a major oxidizer spill. BFRC's
Keep up the good work.
Would like to hear from some of the old team members.
Mark Lanzillo   13/May/2000:06:51:48
Thanks for the memories!!! 308SPS LRAFB (78-84) I spent many hours
in "The Hole" when I wasn't responding to TPS-39 alarms. I enjoyed the
comraderie of the crews and many treated us as part of the family. I
hated the 3am wake-up calls to check an alarm in the pouring rain or
discover that a skunk was hiding in the rails!!! Good times and bad
were had by all. I lost a good friend in the 4-7 explosion. But I know
that we all had a job to do, and that we played an important part in
keeping our nation safe. Take care and keep the memory alive!!!
Chris Wood   11/May/2000:19:59:04
Was with the 308 SMW at Littlerock AFB from 1981 - 1984 as a Missle
Maintaince Technition. Am currently active duty as a C-130 Loadmaster
at Pope AFB.
Michael Doherty   08/May/2000:22:19:13
My original post is in the Archives. This is just an update of my e-
mail address. DMAFB 71-74. Now in Sierra Vista.
Dan EF Hutton   05/May/2000:19:01:25
This is a great site. Brings back so many memories. I was at Little
Rock from 1979-87. I was in the MIMS, QC/QA with Dan Beaulieu and Job
Control with Carey, Locke, Black, Hebert, and Foley. Where are all you
guys? I'm out in California now...would enjoy hearing from any of my
old freinds.....
Allen Kicklighter   04/May/2000:12:29:38
I was an MFT on a Combat Crew AT DM AFB with the 570 from 1977 to 1980.
This is a real review of my past. Thanks!
Jim Sutton   01/May/2000:10:27:55
You have great site Steve. Concerning the Accident that happened in
the 70's, I remember it vary well, I remember I was concerned when you
told me you were going to be part of the Titan II Progam. I'll do a
little reseach and see what I can find out about the Accident.
Bob Schuler   29/Apr/2000:12:18:21
I was in Little Rock from '73 to '76. BMAT at 374/5 most of the time.
Had the opportunity to see the site that the 60+ guys were killed at
when a hydralic fire happened. Never forget the scratch marks on the
access ladder between the levels.

Had a great time being a crew member for 3 years. Will visit Az
sometime to see the silo and etc. Just looking at the pictures brings
back a lot of memories. Thanks for the great site.
Frenchie   26/Apr/2000:17:44:30
Former PTS troop from little Rock 1980-1987. Great sight.
Dennis Carter   19/Apr/2000:17:19:39
Great Site, former BMAT 381SWM, 533 SMS McConnel AFB (1978-1982).
Great friends and great memories. Thanks for keeping the Titan II
tradition alive.
Bob Robinson   15/Apr/2000:02:53:01
Great site. I always like to find new Titan II stuff. Pulled alerts
at 2-4 and 2-5 at McConnell '71-75. Crew life was an experience I will
never forget. Still in contact with first crewmembers. We used to have
a joke, sort of, about a fictional character we called "Old Limpy
Corina". That's pretty easy to figure out. Recently have been
exploring the Atlas F sites in Roswell, NM and Abilene, Tx. Somewhat
similar to the Titan but again, very different. It's ashamed they had
to destroy the Titan sites. Would be neat place to explore or purchase
and play with. Keep up the good work.
Timm Severud   12/Apr/2000:22:45:20
MFT - 390th 74-84
John E. Smith   26/Mar/2000:00:54:42
I was with the 308th SPS at LRAFB from 81-84 and just wanted to say
thanks to all of my fellow SAC warriors for helping to keep and then
finally win the peace
Mike Pierce   22/Mar/2000:19:24:29
My goodness - what a wonderful site! I can't begin to tell you how I
feel just seeing all of your names.
Mike Pierce from DM. April 1966 til Jan, 1984 then to 3901st for a few
more. PTS rules!!! Remember those BFRC's! So much to tell, as all of you
do. After SMES, moved over to SLC 4 at VAFB and launched Titan 34D's,
Titan IV's and after a trip to Belgium for GLCM, I had the honor and
prividge to launch a Titan II, that last came from DM on a mission to
the moon, via the sun! called "Clementine." I retired in 92. Stayed in
Vandenberg area for several years. Now at Edwards AFB working for Jan
Mattern, (red water plumber) managing an old Saturn V engine test stand
developing a new Delta engine. Enough!
In looking over the guest book, one thing came to mind: The smell! There
was, and at 571-7, still is a smell about the sites that brings you
Mike Kelly, Hi from the desert. Pete Giamboni - suit up! Ron Starling -
lets go caving! Don Dye, Dave Winger and all the rest - hi
Sam Polk   21/Mar/2000:21:46:31
Great site! Good to see memories of the "Cold War". I was at the museum
a couple of years ago and it really brought back memories. I served in
the 390th MIMS, Guidance Shop, (73-77) and that site was a regular stop
for me. Great work!
Guess Who?   21/Mar/2000:05:14:45
Hey Steve,
2 questions--1. How long is the BPO checklist on these Roman Candles?

2. Where's the wick?

I don't know anything about missles but cool site. This is actually the
first time I've been here. Great job!!

Michael R Blodgett   16/Mar/2000:18:12:37
served at Little Rock AFB. 1979 TO 1981, Would like to hear from some
Bruce Bedford   13/Mar/2000:04:46:28
crew #43 back in 1963 nice pictures
Dan Walker, MSgt, Re   12/Mar/2000:03:07:58
Site looks reall great. Hope this helps with increasing the membership
for the 390th SMWMA. October in Vegas was great. See you next time:)
GUST DINO PERIS   05/Mar/2000:06:55:36
RALPH PARTY   02/Mar/2000:21:10:40
Eddie Watkins 23/Feb/2000:23:09:29
I served as a DMCCC and as a MCCC at DMAFB from 1977 - 1981. As I look
back on that time. I enjoyed it. The pictures bring back memories....
Dave Winger   22/Feb/2000:17:37:18
GREAT Pictures. I crosstrained into PTS in 66 with Gary Franzen, Dick
Schut and Danny McCurdy. Retired in 1981. A lot of long hours, a few
moments of panic, and a lot of great memories. Thanks for bringing them
Jeffrey S. Field   18/Feb/2000:21:16:21
I was in PTS at Little Rock Air Force Base 1976-1980. Had a great time
and will always remember the good friends and good times.
Tim Hamlett   17/Feb/2000:17:48:26
308 SMW, 374 SMS Little Rock AFB
Robert Siefermann   12/Feb/2000:02:12:49
I was stationed @ McConnell AFB from 1970 to 1972 with the 381st MIMS.
I was in the Missile Elec. shop. When I look back it was really a good
time in my life. I had alot of fun, regardless of the long alerts. The
only thing I really didn't care for was cleaning up the fire suppression
foam when it would discharge accidently. I had a great time during the
Olympic Arena that I was part of, We won our portion of the competition
and what a party we had.
John Mabe   11/Feb/2000:05:37:47
May the Klingons and Romulans cross your path in peace.
Larry Dunn   10/Feb/2000:02:58:46
I was in the PTS SHOP at DMAFB from 3/82-9/84 Then the 308th at LRAFB
from 9/84 -4/87. These pages bring back alot of fond memories. Need
more BFRC pictures though. PTS guys will know what I mean.
Jeff Saint St. Cla   09/Feb/2000:13:37:46
I was a PTS Tech at MCConnell from '71 -'75. Those tank watches,purges
were some of the longest, boring nites I ever spent in the system. I
lost an awful lot of money at the Control Trailer poker parties back
then. One night we were so involved in the game, we forgot to check
the "burn pot", and it blew out, sending a rather sizable Ox cloud into
a pasture. I think Uncle Sam payed quite a bit for the farmer's
two "prize cows" that were lost! Another note, Bob Thomas, the PTS Team
Chief that was killed in the collapse at Site 533-7 in 1978 was my
trainer and good friend. It shows how dangerous that job could be. It
still pisses me off that we never got a dime of hazard pay for doing
what the Air Force called on 60 Minutes "the most hazardous job in the
Air Force. Good site, I'll visit again.
Jeff St. Clair
Pts 381st MIMS
Chris Minikin   06/Feb/2000:05:21:42
Sgt. Richard Martin   21/Jan/2000:16:48:19
wow thanks for the memories!...i served at dmafb in the 390th Mims back
in 79-83....i sure would like to get in contact with anyone i served
with at dm....its hard to believe its been 20 years
already...guys,thanks for all the memoriessmile
Russ Simoes   13/Jan/2000:05:22:18
I was a Comm Tech with 390th Comm SQ, IRCS from 78 -82.
If I can find my "SAC MASTER MISSLE TECHNICIAN" patch,
I'll scan it and send it to you.
Bill Givens   11/Jan/2000:03:06:47

I was part of the 308th SMW in Arkansas from 1980 to 1984. The
390th always kicked our %$$#@! when it came to the SAC Olimpic
Arena. Of course, you never had to deal with underground springs
and water tables. Our sites always had corrosion and maintainance problems. (Not to mention a few mishaps like site 4-7.)
I guess we were the "black sheep" of the SAC Titan Wings. We never
really got the perks and respect that you guys had. We probably
never will either.

Bill G.

P.S. - Aren't you glad that after all these years I've gotten over
it and don't hold a grudge anymore.
Jim Hildebrand   31/Dec/1999:01:31:05
MFT on crew R-122 in 74, pad dad at 571-7 in '75, reefer shop in '76,
plumbing shop for 5 long years until CTB instructor in '82, went to
LRAFB in '84 facility team chief until '87. Anyone remember turtle
racing down the long cableway?
I was: line crew MFT, 571 SMS '74-'75, pad chief at 571-5 and 1-7 '75-'76,
Environmental Servicing technician (turdherder) 390 MIMS RPIE
section '76-'82, CTB instructor 390 SMW '82-'84, Facilities Team Chief
308 MIMS '84-'87, and on the maintenance team in '85 when we captured
the Blanchard for the 308th. root! root!.
Great site!
Jay R. Larkin (381st   30/Dec/1999:23:36:45

Are there any 381st. mims people out there from McConnel A.F.B.?
Steve Fortier   24/Dec/1999:15:41:41
MFT Little Rock, 374SMS/308SMW 1978-83 - MFT Instructor Vandyland,
4315th CCTS 1983-85. Olympic Arena 80,81,82 S-199, "best Crew in SAC -
81" root...root...root....308SMW....Long live the Hogs!!!

Great Photos!
Alan L. Oelschlager   24/Dec/1999:06:38:29
Humberto g. Rodrigue   22/Dec/1999:03:31:54
Senior instructor, Mft, missile combat crew.
395th SMS, vandenberg afb, 1967-1970.
373rd SMS, little rock afb,1970-1971.
seperated just as it was being combined with 374th.
Cheryl Condon   21/Dec/1999:23:29:30
Wow, this really brings back the memories! I was a Comm Tech with the
390th CS at DMAFB from April 82-June 84. I worked mainly on TPS-39s
and then spent a few months in the IRCS shop. I'd love to hear from
any of the old gang. This is a great site!
Walter Butler   19/Dec/1999:01:54:40
ExTitan 1 And Titan 11 MMT at Vandenburg AFB 395sms 1964-1967
Bob Dreyling   08/Dec/1999:18:59:54
Hi ex-Titan guys. I was a DMCCC and Instructor MCCC at McConnell 1964-
1968, went to 395th at Vandenberg 1969 (did you know we had as many as
three birds on alert there?), then as the Titan II Test Director at 1st
STRAD and Titan II Program Manager at SAMSO for Safeguard and BMTTP
Titan II launches. I was also the SAC assistant test director for
Minuteman I launches in support of Safeguard (some 33 MM launches). As
the only Titan test ops guy at 1 STRAD my fellow Minuteman TDs gave the
nickname of "Liquid"; of course, I gave them the nicknames of "Solid I,
Solid II, and Solid III". Lots of great memories from the those days.

Brian Vaivadas   04/Dec/1999:03:13:34
Hi everybody -
I was a MFT for the 390th SMW from 1980 - 1983.
I think maintaining an active history of our
contribution to the victory of the cold war is
very worthwhile, and sure brings back many valued
Greg Boothe   30/Nov/1999:21:13:51
390 SMW 1978-1982, DMCCC, MCCC, DO22
George Currie   28/Nov/1999:06:15:36
Great web site, brings back some great memories. I was at Davis-Monthan
from 1979-1981 and McConnell 1981-1983. I worked PTS both places. I
hope to be out to the museum soon. Thanks.
Gene Harris E8 Retired   20/Nov/1999:06:14:56
US Air Force Apr 67 to Jun 87, Little Rock AFB Apr 68 to Jun 87, Combat
Ready MFT Jun 68 to Jun 78. Line Crew, ACP , Line Instructor ,
StandEval, Senior StandEval, DOTT, -&- Head DOTM. I was lucky and spent
my entire time in Titan II.
Gene Harris E8 Retired.
Walter Downing (OSCA   19/Nov/1999:00:33:11
308th MIMS LRAFB 82-85
Maj Mark W. Clark, U   16/Nov/1999:13:40:53
Great stuff, brings back a lot of memories! I was a Senior DMCCC in
the 532 SMS and the 373 SMS, put the weapon system to bed at both
locations, and in fact pulled the last line crew alert in Titan II
history (DOV got the last one, as always!) Keep up the good work!
Tim Gunnoe   16/Nov/1999:03:08:26
Peter C. Landwehr   13/Nov/1999:16:25:26
BMAT @ 2-5 1970-73
Tom Preble   13/Nov/1999:14:26:10
I was a BMAT at DM from 1975-1979. Pulled alert at the museum...Many
stories, some fun, some serious, some"I could tell you, but then I'd
have to kill you :^)" Thanks for the Titan site, it brings back
Ernie Marin   12/Nov/1999:01:13:23
Really enjoyed visiting your website. Brought back a lot of memories. I
was an MFT with the 381 SMW April 70 to December 72, pad chief with the
308 SMW Nov 66 to Nov 67, MFT instructor with the 4315 CCTS Dec 72 to
July 76 and MFT CDC writer from July 76 to Feb 85. I really loved my
days with the Titan II.
Rev. Fr. Andrew J. L   11/Nov/1999:01:25:38
These photos sure brought back a whole lot of memories. I was the
maintenance rep on the PTEST for all deact propellant downloads.
Chuck Putnam   09/Nov/1999:04:37:26
381st MIMS, Guidance and E-Lab, McConell AFB, KS 1977-1980.
Great pictures! I pulled a few tank watch shifts in Kansas and it is
amazing that my pictures look like yours!
Bill Pulver   06/Nov/1999:23:12:52
former instructor/cp certified MFT 70-73 381SMW 532/533SMS McConnell AFB
David Malone   27/Oct/1999:16:55:11
PTS team chief.
Chuck Kowalchuk   26/Oct/1999:18:53:31
I may quite possibly be in one of your photos, since I supervised many
of the deactivation pulls.

I was with the 390 MIMS from Oct 82 thru Apr 84, first as a Maintenance
Officer (10/82 - 4/83) and then as the MIMS Deactivation Program
Manager (5/83 - 4/84). I was responsible for setting up the
schedule/flow for the major deactivation operations at each of the
sites, and coordinating them with the DCM, DO, and Squadron CC's, as
well as with local Gov't offices for performing the Propellant off-
loads/transport and RV/airframe pulls and transport operations. As the
deact. manager, I was frequently called upon to perform on-site MO
duties for the major PTS and RV/airframe operations.

Excellent website! Best Regards!
-- Chuck Kowalchuk ("Captain K")
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Titan II site, if you have any updates to the old guestbook, please
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