Wow. News 2-20-05
Welcome back, Mr. Thunder. We... missed... you. *Shot*
Pathetic of me T_T Ah well. I've actually done like, 3 more comics (over a 9 month period >_>) but I've been too busy with RO to and laziness to post them <_<
Meh. Posting now, maybe doing a new one tomorrow.

Wow. News 5-23-04
Annnd... problem solved. XD Lightning saw that last post and quickly changed them to .gif. So, now I have more space than before. O_O;;
...Ok then. 28 and 29 are now uploaded. Go check 'em out.

Every silver lining has a cloud... News 5-23-04
Ok, 29 is done, but not uploaded yet. I'm running into problems.
First of all, Lightning (all hail him) has taken the liberty to fix compression stuff in all my old comics. ALL HAIL. XD
Only problem is, he had to compress them into PNG format, which is a lot bigger. Now, everytime I go to the stupid Geocities file manager, all this big red text screams at me "OMG OMG U HAV .5 MB OF SPACE LEFT". >_<;;.
So, I'm thinking of what to do about some of this. Even if I go back to the way I had it, I don't have so much space left. I'll eventually run out.
So, 29 will be uploaded... sometime.

w00. News 5-21-04
Well, 27 is up! I have not died, actually I have a rather big news update.
School ended for me today (überw00t of death) so I'll probably be making a lot more comics now. And one of the main reasons no comic has been released in a while is because I've been working on my Thunder sprite. Besides him being a... well... slightly edited recolor, I tried to edit it in Photoshop while I was unexperienced, causing color distortions. Not to mention the fact that whole parts of his shoes are missing. >_>;; But yeah, I'm redoing him... with clothes... and stuff. Taking forever, because I make games as well so I need more than one frame for everything. -_-;;
Once I finish this, Thunder will reenter my comic again, but.. that's part of the storyline. ;P Go check out #27 if you want to get hints. XD
Well, I'm off.

Yay. Another comic.- News 3-1-04
Gah.. Once again, I could have been done with this on Tuesday, but I got pulled away again...
Anyway, Comic 26 is done, uploaded, and listed.

w00.- News 3-1-04
Gah.. I could have been done with this weeks ago... see what happens when I get pulled away from my work?
Anyway, the new sprites section is done, and later on tonight I'm going to do another comic. I haven't been totally wasting my time, I actualy have been improving my knowlegde of Photoshop, so I will begin making ALL of my comics in that now. XD