Registration Form for WDWCP Reunion

June 2005

Until I get this figured out... for some reason it wont email me the whole page... please just copy and paste the info into an email and then mail it to me... please!!! thank you - Jillian


    Email Address-

    Home Address-

    CP year, work location, living location-

    Are you bringing anyone? (i.e. spouse, kids, dog, cat, ect you get the picture-  Yes  No

        If yes then whom how many people in total in your party?

    Do you plan on making your own hotel arrangement? Yes   No

            All parties must make their own transportation to and from Orlando....

        If no please be advised that making reservations through us will get you a room at the All- Star Resort... we will also be offering for those solo traverlers a way to save a little bit of money by rooming up with a fellow solo cp...keep in mind this will save you some money in the long run.... and we can try to room you up with people you may know....

    Do you want to split a room?   Yes   No

    Do you know anyone else that might be interested in attending?   Yes   No

            If yes then whom email address?