David Thurlo

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The Captain

- From "Some Newbury Thurlows and Their Descendents", Philip Sawyer-Lacy, New York 1967

With Joseph Colby, Jr. he built a saw mill on Thurlow (Crotch) Island and prior to that he owned several vessels and employed many men fishing on Labrador Shore and Marthas Vinyard.

- From research notes of the late Natalie Bellesmere (Thurlow) Farrell Arthur Newell

26 Nov 1803, David Thurlow paid Thomas Colby $230 for 1/2 part of Crotch Is. - 1/2 part of mills & appartences & 1/2 of all bldgs & privilidges of the island. The deed was signed by Thomas & Betsy Colby. Thomas Colby was first child born in town. Joseph Colby, Jr. sold out to David Thurlow when he went to Deer Isle: David Thurlow eventually owned all of the island, because on 6 Jul 1840 he sold to Paul Thurlow for $1,000 cash Crotch Is. - 100 acres of land, bldgs etc. besides an island called George's Head" - 21 A & Bare Is. 20 Acres. This was Paul's son for Paul No. 1 died in 1834.

"An interesting record was the sale of Mark Island at the entrance of Deere Is. Therefore by David and Mercy S. Thurlo on 30 Dec 1856 to the US Government for $175. Mark Island Light House was established there."

"David Thurlo shipped fish to the West Indies - exchange for groceries for early settlers. Also name "Captain" was because of that "rank" in the militia.

- From research note's of Thomas and Sue THURLOW, of Nisswa MN

"Built about 17 ships at Thurlow's (Crotch) Island (one 140 ton brig). All the children were born on Crotch Island. Of the children, all the boys who survived infancy became sea captains;..."

- From "History of Deer Isle", as noted by Natalie Bellesmere Farrell

... "David settled on Crotch (Thurlow's) Island about 1800. He came from Newbury, Mass. He came to visit his aunt, Mrs. Joseph Colby, and he lived in the home of Mrs. Colby's son Joseph who had married David's sister, Eunice of Newbury, Mass., David employed quite a few men, and also sold timber. At one time he was the wealthiest man on Deer Isle."

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