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Merry Meet!
Your path has led you into Thyme's Pagan Grove, and you are most welcome! Here you will find a page dedicated to presenting a broad view of modern Paganism. It is my desire to provide all who wander the web with an intellectual approach to earth/goddess worship as well as magick and witchcraft. It is my hope that this site will be intelligible and informative for the inquisitive beginner, and serve as a fun and useful reference for those well practiced in the Craft. Explore and be joyful!

Last Update:Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

*Thyme returns after a three year hiatus, and is working on making the site a little better

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*Got rid of all of the broken links on the Links page.
(That means more room for new ones, send yours in!)
*We've won an award! Thank you to Lavenderwater!
*Added a Resources page to the Beginner's Path Section!
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