Marc's TI Game Source Codes

I write all my own code. So if you've seen any of these games somewhere else, they were copied at some point from here. These programs are all free.

Since Feb. 7, 2002

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Trouble Shooting
TI 83<=>86 Conversions
Learn to program in Basic

This is my version of Yatzee done in C++

Recent News:

(4-14-2005) I removed my silly advert. It was just test to see who would actually click on it. Hehe, certainly not worth the bandwidth.

(10-15-2003) Made a commented version of Arcshot for the TI-83. Located here. Can also be found at the TI-83 Games page.

(10-15-2003) Resized some files, to make the bandwidth limit last a little longer.

(3-17-2003) A New Game has been added! It is a board game called 'Senet' for the TI-86.