This partial series of marriage bonds is preserved in a bound volume of
miscellaneous manuscripts in the Library of The Bucks County Historical
Society in Doylestown, PA. These BONDS took place in Bucks County prior 
to and during the American Revolution. THE DATE GIVEN IS THAT WHEN THE
ITSELF. Further records can be searched at their library.
1772, Nov. 25,		William VANHORN of Southampton, and Lavinia BUDD
			of Northampton twp. Burlington co. West Jersey
1772, Dec. 10 Malakiah RICHARDSON of Northampton twp, yeoman, and Sarah DUGAN of same, Surety, David Dugan of same, yeoman. (I.Hicks)
1772, Dec. 16 Issac VANHORN of Solebury twp., carpenter, and Alice NEAFUS of same. Surety, Joseph Vanhorn of Middletown twp., blacksmith (I Hicks)
1772, Dec. 24 Joseph ROBERTS of Upper Makefield twp., carpenter, and Jane MCKENNY of same. Surety, William Barber of same, wheelwright (Catharine Hicks, I Hicks)
1772, Dec. 28 Enoch BETTS of Buckingham twp., mason, and Ann HUMPHREYS OF Solebury twp, spinster. Surety, John Thomas of Buckingham twp. yeoman (I. Hicks)
1773, Feb. 9 Robert JOHNSON of Buckingham twp, farmer, and Amie NEWBURN of same, widow. Surety, David Johnson of Warwick twp. weaver (I.Hicks)
1773, Feb. 10 Alexander SCOTT of Buckingham twp., tailor and Mary KINSEY of same, spinster. Surety, Joseph Large of same, yeoman. (I.Hicks, William Ely)
1773, Feb. 22 Nicholas JOHNSON of Bensalem twp., weaver, and Rachel SEVERNS of same, single women. Surety, William TITUS of same, yeoman. (I.Hicks)
1773, Feb. 25 Charles DUGAN of Northampton twp., farmer, and Elinor MOORE of same. Surety, David Spear of same yeoman.
1773, June 23 Abraham KNIGHT of Southampton, yeoman, and Anna CROASDALE, daughter of Ezra Croasdale of same. Surety. Wm. Biles of same, yeoman (Jesse Jones Jonathan Harding)
1773, Oct. 12 David PARKS, of Lower Makefield, miller, and Rachel CONRAD of Newtown, single women. Surety, Enoch Edwards of Newtown, Practitioner in Physick. (James Tate, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1773, Nov. 1 Adrian WYNKOOP of Northampton, yeoman, and Sarah RANDLE of same, single women. Surety, Leffert Leffertson of same, yeoman (I.Hicks)

1773, Nov. 8		James SWINNY of Southampton twp., and Rebecca
			WORTHINGTON of same, single woman. Surety, Isaac
			Bennet of same. (I.Hicks)
1773, DEC. 6 Cornelius Neafus the Younger of Plumstead and Jean SKELTON of same, single woman, Surety, Cornelius Neafus the Elder of same (Jno Anderson, Thos. Ross.Jr.)
1773, Dec. 20 John NUTT of Falls twp. yeoman, and Phebe Aston of same, single woman. Surety, Joseph Aston of same yeoman, (I.Hicks, Thos. Ross,Jr.)
1773, Dec. 23 Peter DEWITT of Solebury twp. and Elizabeth BARACROFT of same, Surety, Edward Rice of same (John Bogart, Thos. Ross,Jr.
1774, Jan. 3 Thomas RICKEY, Jr. of Lower Makefield, shoemaker and Esther OSMAND of same, single woman, Surety, John Larzeler of same, yeoman (I.Hicks.
1774, Jan. 18 John BARWIS of Bristol twp, weaver, and Hannah BREISFORD, of same, spinster. Surety, John Brelsford of same, yeoman. (I.Hicks, Thos. Ross,Jr.) (HR> 1774, Feb. 4 Henry BOWMAN, of Falls twp. and Mary BARRAS of Bristol twp, single woman, Surety, David Larew of Falls twp. yeoman (Joseph Linton, Thos. Ross,Jr.)
1774, Mar. 5 Jesse PALMER of Lower Makefield and Rachel Breisford of same, single woman. Surety, Gabriel Vansant of same, yeoman. (Thos. Ross, Jr., I. Hicks)
1774, Mar. 17 Samuel BOYD of Tinicum twp. and Elizabeth MCFALL of Bedminster twp., single woman. Surety, William Wilson of Tinicum. (James Van Middlewarts, Thos. Janney)
1774, Mar. 29 David LAREW OF Falls twp. and Apame Aston of same, Surety, Joseph Aston of same (Daniel Palmer)
1774, Mar. 29 Thomas CARY of Middletown, yeoman and Rebecca Jones of Newtown, single woman. Surety, George Johnston of Newtown. (I. Hicks)
1774, Apr. 4 Nathaniel PEARSON of Lower Makefield twp. and Ann BUNTING of Brisol twp., single woman, Surety, Benjn. Palmer of Lower Makefield, yeoman. (Isaac Thorton, Thos. Ross. Jr.)
1774, Apr. 22 Nehemiah WHARTON of Falls twp., yeoman, and Elizabeth BREISFORD of same, single woman, Surety, Joshua Stackhouse of same (I.Hicks, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1774, May 13 John HOUGH, of Warminster twp. farmer and Charity VANDUREN. Surety, John Vanduren of same, yeoman. (I.Hicks, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1774, July 27 John TATE, Yeoman, and Jane KELLY, single woman. Surety, Moses Kelly,yeoman(I.Hicks, Thos. Ross,Jr.)
1774, Oct. 8 John CORNELL of Southampton and Elizabeth VANASDALEN of Northampton, single woman. Surety, Rem Cornell of Northampton. (Nathael Twining, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1774, Oct. 11 James BRADSHAW of Newtown and Jane THOMAS of same single woman. Surety, Robert Ramsey of same, saddler (James Brown, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1774, Oct. 19 William MOODE and Mary WATSON of Middletown. Surety, John Gosline (Hicks)
1774, Oct. 31 Archibald GILMORE and Catherine Honawell of Buckingham. Surety, John Campbell (Francis Murry, Thos. Ross.Jr.)
1774, Nov. 16 John SNIDER of Middletown, farmer and Elizabeth TWINING of Lower Makefield, spinster. Surety, James Allen of Middletown, weaver. (Robert Thomas, Thos. Ross, Jr.)
1774, Dec. 20 John GOSLINE (also Gauslin) of Middletown, twp. and Elizabeth NEEL of Lower Makefield,Surety, John Kees of Lower Makefield, yeoman
1775, Jan. 5 Thomas STRADLING of Falls twp. blacksmith and Rhoady BRELSFORD of Lower Makefield. Surety, Gabriel Vansant of Lower Makefield
1775, Jan. 5 Joseph WHARTON, Jr. of Falls, twp, farmer and Susannah Brelsford of Lower Makefield, single woman. Surety, Nehemiah Wharton of Falls twp.
1775, Jan. 9 David Smith of Plumstead, blacksmith and Dorothy Stiner of same, single woman, Surety, William Meredith of same, yeoman.
1775, Mar. 20 Stephen BURROWS o Hopewell twp. Hunterdon county West New Jersey and Elizabeth Johnston of Bucks County, single woman. Surety, John Jones of Lower Makefield, yeoman
1775, Mar. 21 James Barron of Wrightstown, labourer and Mary CYZER of same, spinster. Surety, Joseph Sacket of same, yeoman
1775, April. 21 Henry COURSEN of Northampton, weaver and Margaret CORNELL of Southampton, spinster. Surety, Garret Krewson of Northampton yeoman.
1775, May 13 Paul Judge of Northampton twp. schoolmaster and Catherine Dollin of Newtown, spinster. Surety, Andrew McMinn, yeoman
1775, July 20 Enoch Shrigley (also Srigley) of Buckingham and Mary Skelton of same. Surety, William Preston of same, yeoman
1775, July 22 John BURK of Philadelphia County and Elizabeth Bohannon of Bucks county. Surety, Augustin Willet of Bucks County.
1775, Aug. 28 Jesse FELL, of Buckingham and Hannah WELDING of same. Surety, John Rice of same
1775, Aug. 29 Jonathan GOOD of Plumstead and Mary CALLENDER of New Britain. Surety, Daniel Thomas of Plumstead, yeoman
1775, Sept. 22 Samuel KINSEY of Middletown, miller, and Elizabeth VANSANT of Bensalem. Surety, John Vansant of Middletown, yeoman
1775, Oct. 21 John Harvey (also Harvye) son of Matthias of Upper Makefield and Elizabeth STOCKDALE OF SAME. Surety, John Harvey (or Harvye)son of Benjamin of same
1775, Dec. 20 Barak MICHENER of Michener of Plumstead and Alice DAY of same. Surety, John Harvey, yeoman
1775, Nov. 29 Joseph LARGE OF Buckingham and Millisent CHURCH of same, Surety, John Bogart of same, yeoman
1776, Mar. 29 John BROWN of Solebury twp, blacksmith, and Mary RATHMEL of same. Surety, Thomas Rose of same blacksmith
1776, Mar. 28 Peter WOOD of Plumstead and Rebecca COSNER of same Surety, James Shaw, Jr. of same
1776, April 12 John Hays of Northampton and Tacy KENNARD of Bedminister. Surety, Issac VanHorn of Northampton
1776, Mar. 7 Benjamin MORRIS of Bristol Twp. yeoman and Joice BRELFORD of same, single woman. Surety, Joseph White of Middletown twp. carpenter
1776, April 23 John GALE of Falls twp. and Martha Chapman. Surety, Joseph Bunting of Falls twp.
1779, Jan. 20 Samuel BEAKS of West New Jersey and Hannah Ashburn of Bucks County. Surety, Stephen Burrowes of West New Jersey
1779, Feb. 11 John BURROWS of Falls twp, yeoman and Susanna ROBERTS of same. Surety, John Thornton of Newtown, yeoman
1779, June 17 Samuel MATTHEWS of Newtown twp. and Thedocey DOLLAN, Surety, John Boyd of Newtown twp.
1779, June 24 John DUNLAP of Plumstead twp. and Jane McFadden Surety, Ropbert Gibson of Plumstead twp.
1779, July 15 Rees DAVIS of Bensalem twp. and Mary Stone. Surety, Patrick Griffin of Bensalem twp.
1779, July 22 Lambert PITNER of Falls twp. yeoman and Hannah BATES, spinster. Surety, John Gregg of Middletown
1779, Aug. 6 Nathaniel LEONARD AND Ester HEATH. Surety, Thomas Leonard
1779, Aug. 20 Robert VAN HORN and Ann TWINING. Surety, John Bennet
1779, Sept. 6 John HART of Plumstead twp. yeoman and Mary MC CALLA of same, spinster. Surety, Andrew McMinn of Newtown, innholder
1779, Sept. 13 John HEATH and Ann GAYMAN, Surety, John Torbert
1779, Sept. 25 William IRWINE and Sarah MORGAN. Surety, Thomas Long
1779, Nov. 16 Obadiah WILLET of Southampton, twp. yeoman and Mary BILES. Surety, Joseph Dunn of Newtown, yeoman
1779, Nov. 29 Charles MCMICKEN of Warwick twp, yeoman and Mary CARTAR of Buckingham. Surety, Jacob Cartar
1779, Dec. 1 John MEELD of Lower Makefield twp and Hannah Stackhouse, spinster. Surety, Richard Neeld of Lower Makefield
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