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2 of our top ranked "Secret Celebrities" squared off, with Jennifer Aniston earning 79% of the votes to out-pit Madonna with only 21%.

This poll featured our top 2 previously ranked "Secret Celebrities" going "pit to pit" to earn the top spot. Charlize Theron emerged victorious with 53% of the votes, sniffing out Heidi Klum who earned only 47% of the votes. Heidi has now tumbled several spots in the standings while Charlize remains undefeated!

The first of the three polls saw a previously undefeated set of pits taking their first loss. Halle Berry's pits had been unbeaten in their first 2 contests, but this time Jennifer Aniston came back from her previous tough loss to defeat Halle in a close contest. Jennifer's underarms earned 56% of the votes to 44% for Ms. Berry, leaving each now with one loss.

The second of the three polls continued the trend started above when the 5 time undefeated pits of Heidi Klum went down in flames (or razorburn!) to Jessica Simpson's sweet, doughy underarms. Heidi had prevaled in all 5 of her previous contests, but this time Jessica, with an awesome 84% of the votes, left Heidi sweating with only 16%, again leaving each with one loss.

The third of the three polls saw our last remaining set of undefeated pits keep that elite status as Charlize Theron earned 72% of the votes to smother Alyssa Milano with only 19%. Charlize is now our only set of pits which have not been beaten, winning all 4 of her contests so far!

To take a look at the affect on the Secret Celebrity Standings CLICK HERE!

This poll featured a previously undefeated pit against a strong competitor. In this contest, Halle Berry's succulent pits squashed Paris Hilton's in a one-sided contest. Halle's underarms earned 92% of the votes to only 8% for Paris, giving the celebutante her second loss and keeping Ms. Berry's undefeated status!

This poll featured 2 previously undefeated pits and Charlize Theron's smooth, silky pits suffocated Jennifer Aniston in a one-sided contest. Charlize's underarms earned 91% of the votes to only 9% for Jennifer, giving the former Friend's star her first loss!

Heidi Klum's undefeated armpit went up against that of Tyra Banks. Tyra took a bath once again, earning only 19% of the votes to Heidi's 81%. So the gorgeous blonde known as "The Body" remains undefeated. Maybe we should start calling her "The Arm Pit"!

Beyonce's pit competed against a newcomer to our contests, Halle Berry.
Halle's stubbly pit smothered Beyonce's sweaty one by a score of 76% to Beyonce's 24%.

Our top ranked "secret celebrity" went pit to pit against a newcomer to our contests. Heidi Klum, with 64% of the votes, easily defeated Alyssa Milano who earned 36% of the votes.

Trying to earn her first win in our armpit contests, Alyssa Milano's succulent pit earned 76% of the votes against Jessica Alba, who managed to garner only 24%.

2 beauty contest contestants went pit to pit and in a very close poll with the lead changing hands continually. But in the end, Miss Costa Rica (52%) edged out Miss USA - Tara Connor (48%).

Our 2 top ranked "secret celebrities" went pit to pit to see who would remain undefeated. Heidi Klum gave a thorough trouncing to Madonna with the Super Model known as "The Body" earning 81% of the votes to only 19% for the Material Girl.

2 of our previously undefeated "secret celebrities" went pit to pit to see who would remain undefeated. Jennifer Aniston's pit easily defeated Teri Hatcher by a score of 73% to 23%.

In our first ever battle of chocolate beauties, singers Beyonce' and Rihanna faced off. The huge and luscious pit of the former Destiny's Child star proved too much for the youngster and Beyonce' walks away with the win, earning 58% of your votes to only 42% for Rihanna.

2 secret celebrity singers who shared an infamous kiss at a past Grammy Awards Show went pit to pit, Britney Spears and Madonna. The older woman, Madonna, thoroughly defeated the younger Ms. Spears with 78% of the votes to only 32% for Britney.

2 secret celebrity actresses put their pits up against each other, Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker. Charlize kicked pit with 85% of the vote to only 15% for the "Pits in the City" girl, Ms. Parker.

2 secret celebrity rivals went pit to pit, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Paris came away with an overwhelming victory by earning 78% of the votes, suffocating poor Nicole, who could only muster 22%.

2 celebrity sisters; Ashlee and Jessica Simpson; went pit to pit, unbeknownst to the voters. As in real life, the bodacious Jessica trampled her talentless younger sibling by earning 94% of the votes to only 6% for Ashlee.

In the 2 previous "pit to pit" contest between the Jessica's; Alba and Simpson; each earned a victory (see below for previous results). But in the third and final contest between these 2 beauties, JESSICA SIMPSON walks away the winner with 68% of the votes to only 32% for Jessica Alba.

Two of the Desperate Housewifes were pitted against each other and TERI HATCHER's pit trounced EVA LONGORIA's, 84% to 16%
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In their first "pit-to-pit" contest, JESSICA ALBA's pit received 54% of the votes to 46% for JESSICA's SIMPSON's pit.

In a rematch "pit-to-pit" contest, JESSICA SIMPSON's pit received 85% of the votes to only 15% for JESSICA ALBA's.
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So the battle for the best armpit between these two Jessica's is now tied at 1 win each!

2 celebrity rivals were pitted against each other and though in real life she lost her man to the other woman, in our poll, JENNIFER ANISTON'S pit earned 84% of the votes over ANGELIE JOLIE'S pit which earned only 16% of the votes.
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The latest winner in the battle of the supermodels was HEIDI KLUM with 87 votes, who squeaked out a win over LATETIA CASTA who garnered 84 votes.

"Queen of the Celebrity Armpit" preliminary rounds!
WINNER - Madonna - 69%
LOSER - Jenny McCarthy - 31%

WINNER - Kim Delaney - 80%
LOSER - Dana Delany - 20%

The next poll pit the two winners against each other. Here are the results:
Kim Delaney had 35% of the votes, losing the contest to the winner ... and new CELEBRITY ARMPIT QUEEN ...


In the consolation round, I pitted the runners up, Kim Delaney against Jenny McCarthy, and the results were as follows:
WINNER - Kim Delaney with a whopping 78% of the votes
LOSER - Jenny McCarthy with a mere 21% of the votes

Next I featured two of the Victoria's Secret Supermodels in the preliminary rounds to see which supermodel has the sexiset armpits. Here are the results:
WINNER - Heidi Klum with 65% of the votes
LOSER - Tyra Banks with 34% of the votes

I asked what you would to to Mary Pierce's armpits after a long, sweaty tennis match. Here is what you said.

49 % of you would prefer to kiss and lick them.
29% of you would prefer to sniff them.
9% of you would prefer to tickle them.
5% of you would prefer to fondle them.
And in a tie:
3% of you would just stare at them.
3% of you (crazy people) would tell her to take a shower first.
3% of you (even crazier people!) would decline her offer!

If you look closely at those gorgeous armpits,
I'm not sure how anyone could resist them!!!!!

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Florence and Deb, two of my fictional armpit characters, faced each other in a poll which concluded on Oct. 17, 2004. The winner, with 72% of the votes, was DEB!

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The beautiful blonde trounced FLORENCE.

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A fictional armpit story is based on these results.

From the generic question: "Does a woman need to be overall physically attractive to have attractive armpits?" you said:
No - 54%
Yes - 46%

So a slight majority feel that a "sexy armpit" can stand on it's own!

Another question asked you for your preferred type of armpit. The answers were:
Brunette women - 53%
Blonde women - 15%
Dark skinned women - 11%
Redheaded women - 9%
Asian women - 9%
Other - 0%

If you have two or more sutiable armpits to go head-to-head against each other, please E-MAIL ME !

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