We Haven't Met Before?
     Rating: R
     Spoilers: "Dopplegangland" and the Inititave. Riley is still there but no Tara.
     Summary: Graham hasn't met Willow before....has he?

But We Have Met (Sequel to "We Haven't Met Before?")
     Rating: R
     Spoilers: "Dopplegangland" and Inititive stuff.
     Summary: Vamp Willow misses Graham from the Slayer's universe. She goes for a hunt.

Working Together (Sequel to "But We Have Met")
     Rating: PG-15
     Spoilers: Initiative, The Wish and Dopplegangland.
     Summary: Graham and Xander work together for a common goal.

     Rating: PG-13
     Spoilers: All seasons.
     Summary: Willow and Graham get to know each other a little better.

     Rating: G
     Spoilers: None.
     Summary: Willow and Graham spend an afternoon together.

Coming Home
     Rating: G
     Spoilers: None.
     Summary: Willow is waiting for Graham to come home.

That Perfect Night
     Rating: G
     Spoilers: None.
     Summary: The gang has a perfect night -- especially Willow and Graham. 

Her Little Surprise
     Rating: G
     Spoilers: None
     Summary: Willow has a surprise or two for Graham. 

The Rise After the Fall
     Rating: PG13
     Spoilers: Everything up to "Primevil"
     Summary: The healing process begins

The Next One Steps Forward
     Rating: PG13
     Spoilers: Nothing too specific.
     Summary: Willow and Graham's daughter gains an important duty. 

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