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Hello and welcome to my website! I'm not the most technologically savy person I know, but somehow I ended up with a website set up by my favorite Teresa! (Thanks doll!) My life is more or less as ordinary as anyone else's. I enjoy singing, skiing, shopping, coffee and the color purple. I attend the University of Arizona as a Junior majoring in Psychology. Feel free to peek around my humble beginnings of a website (again, thanks to miss Teresa!).

December, 2004, 11:58p.m.

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TERESA! Welcome to the cool club! Finals are upon us and I'm freaking out...although not studying, which doesn't help. I went to the gym tonight, and that does help. My goal is to go every night until I leave for home! go me! I officially got rid of heather, which has been wonderful! I love not having my phone ring 80 times a day. My life has been drama free without her. Anyhoo, I'm sleeping a lot but am never rested. I'm either sleeping too much or I am not getting enough quality sleep from waking up a lot at night. I'm really homesick right now and I can't wait to see family and friends. And I can't wait to see all of those people I only get to see a random few times a year. This semester has been crazy, and I'm looking forward to a fresh start. Well, I think I'll go take 2 pretty little blue sleeping pills and hit the hay. Teresa-I love you! Happy Birthday! I hope it was a blast and a half! Goodluck everyone on finals and Happy Holidays!

es November 7, 2004, 11:15a.m.

Birthdays Birthdays all the time! Happy 21st Vicky and Sarah! We had sooo much fun at the bars this week! And next week in vegas will be even more kick ass! By the way, I saw the cutest guy last night at O'Malley's...and if Heather didn't always have to get her way I could have stayed and talked to him more. Oh well..good thing I know a friend of his, so maybe we'll bump into each other another time. So since the last time I wrote I've accomplished near to none of those things on my list of things to do. Although I did rejoin WW this week. The halloween party was at Bonsai, and that was fun...I got to dress up like an angel and drink. But playing mommy at the end of the night sort of blew. My dad went into the hospital for a bleeding ulcer this week, and I'm freaking out because I haven't gotten ahold of him yet. Also, I'm homesick like crazy! I can't wait for thanksgiving so I can go visit home and family and friends. I miss my friends too...the friends that have known me for years and seen me go through so much. Another exciting event is that since Sarah just turned 21, now we can go to the bars together in Seattle together! Not much else going on here. I'll write again when I'm either putting something off or have nothing to do...since those seem to be the times I update you most! Leave love for me in the comments section peops! love ya! muuah!

es October 18, 2004, 12:45a.m.

ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! So you've yelled at me enought...LOOK! I'M UPDATING! Ok, so the only exciting thing to update you all on (a fact I'm sure you're all very aware of) is that I turned 21 on October 11th! GO ME! I can now legally drink! go to the bars! buy liquor/beer/wine! Life is grand! I only wish I had more going on for me down here. I'm once again in a funk...and can't quite motivate myself to get on my damn homework...which is why I'm updating this now, at 12:20am when I should be reading from my Sensations and Perceptions book (a thrilling read...I recommend it to anyone needing some shut eye!). I hooked up with Zak a couple of weeks ago, but that seems to have faded...especially since I lost interest. Go figure. I lose interest before anything ever happens. But don't worry folks! I'm still holding on strong to that V-card...although it's rather difficult to want to these days. We all know that I want a boyfriend and all that jazz blah blah blah. too bad I can never have what I want. And too bad friends keep screwing me over in that department too. Ok, don't get me wrong folks, as pathetic as this entry seems, I'm actually still happy. Sure I could use a constant sex life, a steady boyfriend, motivation to get good grades...yadah yada yada...but I'm still happy...I promise. I had a couple of weeks of misery, but somehow it passed this time. but ya, I also need to meet more people, because frankly my weekends are not that exciting, and I'm feeling like there are really only a couple of people here who I like and care to hang out with...literally a couple. So here's to the next month! Hopefully next time we talk I'll have accomplished these goals: study regularly, raise my grades, lose some poundage (at least 10 by thanksgiving), go to the gym, meet new and exciting people, go on at least one date, have another hook up for fun, eliminate or at least reduce the drama in my life, find another crush (one that can like me in return), cook more at home and eat out less, sing more frequently (and I mean actually practicing...embarassing scales and all), and and and...you get the gist...jist?...hmm...I never was good at spelling. Well, there you have it friends, I updated! While I may update infrequently, my updates are like a million times longer than yours...which probably isn't a good thing...in fact, you probably didn't even read this far... well I love you all! leave me some lovin in the comments section, it makes me smile! muuah xoxo!

es September 3, 2004, 2:45p.m.

Well, Canada didn't exactly happen. School has been in session for 2 weeks already. Ben and Adam make lovely roommates, even if they both have penises, it's better than living with a bunch of vaginas. Although there has been quite a bit of drama with Ben hooking up with Tracey, Ben seeing his ex again, Adam and I getting pulled over by a cop, switching into a million different classes until i finally ended up with 6 classes for only 16 units, and well just your run of the mill back to school stuff. drama drama drama. i hate drama. Anyways, this year is off to a fun yet shaky start. I'm sure there will be lots more drama with tracey, jamie, ben, me, adam, etc etc...but i'm having a good time so far and that's what counts!! Leave me some damn lovin people!!

es August 2, 2004, 2:35p.m.

Well, bartending was a lot of fun!! My 34 year old instructor hit on me everyday and it was really gross. He called me "lashees." It will be nice to make some money next year. Not much is new these days...I hope to make a trip to canada in a week with Teresa, Lars, my cousins Jennifer, Garrett and Vanessa. Ben and his friend Scott will probably be there during the same time, so we'll have to meet up in the bars!! Anyone else who's 19 or older is more than welcome to come with us!! It promises to be very fun....and a time we may not remember! Well, that's all for me!

July 3, 2004, 10:00p.m.

I have been home for about 3 weeks now, and it honestly feels like months. I have done next to nothing so far this summer and there was so much I wanted to do. All of my friends are working this summer, which means I do not ever get to see them. Exciting news in my life: I will be going to the Bartending College July 5-July 16! I am very excited about this! I may very well quit my low paying job at the JCC and become a glamorous and quick shooting bartender...I envision myself as a female Tom Cruise in "Cocktail," pulling in tons of tips from my adoring fans! Mostly I am going to bartending school to learn how to make good drinks, since I will be 21 next year!!! I hope I can manage my 6 classes with a late night job bartending...I'll do my best! Well, it is time for me to dash off to another random form of entertainment! I hope you are having a much more thrilling summer than my own! Take care!

June 6, 2004, 12:00p.m.

I'm all packed up and ready to go!! Ben and I are driving home tomorrow! Yay for friends and family! I had a great year and look forward to next year being a 21 year old junior! woot woot! yay for festive drunkeness! Well, I must dash! Lots to do and so little time! Take care! Happy Summer!! :-)

October 26, 2003, 8:22 p.m.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Tiffany. She was very beautiful and talented and special. Then she met Teresa. Teresa was crazy and weird.

One day Teresa was like, "hey Tiffany, you should have a website," and Tiffany was all, "yeah, you could teach me."

Little did Tiffany know how much Teresa didn't want to write her linguistics essay. This was just the excuse she'd been waiting for. Now Tiffany has her very own website and everyone will come read about her adventures. Yay!

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