~The Reflection Of An Angel~

Before the throne of God is the sea of glass.
Tiffany joins the angels in singing her victory song.
She has overcome all fears and now worships God with a pure heart.
Rev. 15:2-4

(Sent To Me By My Internet Friend Loris Wilson)

Last night I awoke and was thinking of Tiffany. God brought to my memory a scripture and
I had to get up and read my Bible. In Revelations Chapter 15 verse 2, 3, 4,
It says before the throne of God is a sea of glass and the angels are there that have
overcome the beast (evil) and they are singing the victory song of Moses, which is praising God.
I see the water applet as the sea of glass and it is before the throne of God and Tiffany is singing
loud and clear with a pure heart, worshiping and praising God along with the angels
for she has been set free from the beast (of depression, anger, sadness, etc.)
You said Tiffany love to sing and I think that is why I thought of her singing.
Karin, I think the Lord is trying to tell you, Tiffany is in her full glory
and is doing exactly what she was created to do.
Tiffany's short life will and has touched others and God is still using her for His Glory.
This little girl has a ministry even now and will continue to touch lives as they read her story
of severe depression and eventually suicide.
We have no idea how many people will turn their lives towards God and escape the torment
of hell because of your little girl.
I feel so close to Tiffany at this moment. If I can be used to help her mother, then so be it.

Tiffany Lane's Memory Pages
^i^....she now has perfect wings....^i^
April 20, 1982
11:51 p.m.
^i^ December 5, 1996 ^i^
7:34 p.m.
.......14 years, 7 months, 15 days.......
Tiffany always loved the pegasus...
When she was a tiny little girl ,
we would go to the movies,
and the big white pegasus would come leaping out at the beginning
of the movie, she would always
say, "Mommy, I want one of those!"
^i^ Eternally 14 ^i^
Tiffany Lane Williams
Freshman Picture
Tri-Central High School
September 1996
"Class of 2000"
This is my Dreamcatcher
that my Mommy picked
out for me...click on it
to adopt yours...
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to 1000 deaths home page....
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My first picture....
Tiffany Lane "T"
April 20, 1982
7 pounds 14 ounces
21 inches long
"Tiffany Toodles"
One year old.........
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^i^ ****A little about Tiffany Lane...we called her "T"....**** ^i^
**Tiffany loved to
SING, she was in the choir at her school and got to sing the lead in some of the productions. **Tiffany loved MUSIC...all kinds of music...she loved to listen it...(jewel, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morrisette, Madonna, Boyz 2 Men, and many, many more...) **She also loved to play music...she was a very musically talented young lady...she played the flute in band, and when they needed someone to play base clarinet, she also played it...she also played piano...all of these without a single "professional lesson"..... Tiffany spent many happy hours singing into her own Karaoke machine...she loved it so...**Tiffany also loved "Precious Moments" figurines.....And had just begun to collect "Pocket Dragon" figurines...**Tiffany played softball from the time she was old enough (about 6 years old) and she also was a wrestler...she wrestled on the Junior High Wrestling Team for both 7th and 8th grades and also wrestled AAU for those same years....when she stepped on the mat...she was not a "girl" she was a "wrestler" in every sense of the word.......
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