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Co-founders--Tiffany Macintosh and Firenaut Phoenix

MacFire Productions HQ

Welcome to MacFire Productions!

This page will give you information on MacFire Productions, the Phoenix Clan, our simm, myself, and my sister Priscilla

Admiral Tiffany Phoenix and the Flagstaff-A
Admiral Tiffany Karen Amber Macintosh Phoenix from one of our series, The Future Generation (TFG)

This is the "Phoenix Clan"
It consists of four people--Firenaut, Jennifer Mabey, Priscilla Monique and Tiffany Macintosh

The Phoenix Clan

We are a cyberfamily in our simm

The Future Generation

Myself, Firenaut, and my twin sister, Priscilla, created this family from our simms in Ten Forward

(Which have since moved to ICQ)

MacFire Productions™ is the is the "corporate look" we have given to our little simming empire. It is a division of MacinTech Technologies International ®

We have two main series:

The Future Generation, which is our Star Trek based simm

The Fighting Girl Series, which is our anime-based series, which includes:

The HyperDoll Project (HDP)
Knight Sabers: "Fallen Hero" (KSFH)

Please continue on to the rest of the MacFire Productions HQ...
If this is not to your liking, try these:

The Fighting Girl Series
The Fighting Girl Series

Knight Sabers:"Fallen Hero"

The HyperDoll Project

Please Come Back And Visit Me Soon.

Email me! I want your thoughts about my page.

"...It took us centuries to learn that it doesn't take centuries to learn..." --Anij [Star Trek: Insurrection]

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Arizonan and Proud

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