You turn down one hall way of the Weyr. Though it had looked small from the outside you are now shown that you are dead wrong. The corridor itself is big enough to hold a small brown cofertably though the door ways on both sides tell you that no dragon ever set claw in the hall.

As you walk down the hall way you notice that there is no lack of glows yet they are very dim. For every few paces there is a dimmly shining glow, though they are dim they almost seem to smile a sleepy softness on you as you go by. On each door there are a few small nitches for a plack of some type. Some of these nitches are left empty while others have worn bronze placks on them.

The first plack you can read clearly says Storage on it. Peeking in you see that it looks very dusty, as if it hasn't been used in turns. As you open the glow inside the Storage room though, you are shown your mistack. There is acttualy many new things in there such as leather, oil, and many asortments of different colored cloths. Yet still the room had the sense of only just starting to be used again. Satisfying your curiosity for the time being you close the door and travel onward down the hall.

You soon find a number of doors with small placks on them. These placks are newer than the Storage plack, as they were made from a silver like metal and had ordimental fire lizards on the sides of the word on the door. You look at the door names:


Suddenly a brown fire lizard appears in the coridor chirping happly not noticing you at first. He seems to be the right size for an young adult fire lizard. As soon as you make a move to get a better look at the small creature he suddenly notices you and chirps in alarm disappearing in an instant.

You blink for you didn't mean to scar the brown at all, yet some how you had... a stray though sends you laughing as you think that you never though of yourself a scarry enough to startel a fire lizard. You shurge it off and look to the doors again.

You suddenly hear a low growl and that's when you spot the glowing red eyes at the end of the hall way. As the eyes move you hear a chain scrape across the ground and then you can see an adult green watch wher as she steps into the dim light of a glow. She snarls at you and suddenly dashes towards you roaring angerly, her ugly feature combining with it to freeze you in terror. For a moment you think that you are seeing your last images of life on Pern. You'd hoped you would have had a better death.

The watch wher's eyes whirl ever faster as it approtches and you shut your eyes hoping she kills you quickly.

"Bleak, leave the visiter alone!" a voice yells out. You open your eyes tentitively and see the snarling watch wher eying you menicingly, only a few feet from you. It was odvious that unless you made a move that she thought was threatoning she would not attack you. You looked around to find your savior but see no one. The person must be some where beyond one of these doors.

Keeping one eye on the wher you look at the doors again. Bleak snarls at you and you quickly make your dission and dash for the door of your choice. The green wher is quick to follow you with a growl. You close the door in time though.

All Pern rights go to its creater Anne McCaffery. This is only a weyr baised on her ideas and the love of her stories. I am not trying to gain a profit from this page, I don't even have anything to sell to tell the truth.

Fire lizard was adopted from Karath's Weyr
Green watch wher, Bleak, was drawn by Weyrwoman Falora at Talor Cliff Wher where she was adopted