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you can call me; tiffy.
i was born; july 22.
i am; vietnamese.
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07; dhs LAST pep rally.
14; diem's birthday.
15; chris lovero's birthday.
22; thanksgiving break starts.
22; piano master class.
26; eric lau's birthday.
27; thanksgiving.

03; melissa's birthday.
13; co-may's birthday.
15; claire's birthday.
21; tricia's birthday.
24; karen shih's birthday.
24; zach c's birthday.
25; amanda's birthday.
25; christmas.

fri. 17 december, 2004;
whoa. it's been a whole year since i've updated this thing! HI LEERON. i think you're the only person that's gonna read this.
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wed. 31 december, 2003;
happy new years in about 3 hours guys! =)
winter break is going pretty good i guess. i'm really appreciating the sleeping late and in and no work (besides great expectations, but no worries. i'll finish it in time ;D).
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friday, 19 december, 2003;
no more school for 2+ whole weeks!!
im not gonna worry about the gay bio exam that i failed until we get report cards! =D thank God dr. winsor added 5 points to our final, so hopefully i got 75+. *crosses fingers and holds on to tiffany chui's good luck card tightly*
thank you: stina and fanny for the wonderful gift cards to jamba juice, and jenni for loading me with candies and chocolates, and alex for the delicious cookies, and everybody who wished me a merry christmas and good luck! =D oh yeah and gabe too, for the baby tape, even though most of it was this old basketball game of guys in short shorts. lol
bwahaha leeron i WILL show you good viet pool skills, man. you just wait and see. haha warning: oh yeah and i'm truly, truly sorry if i accidentally miss the ball and hit you OR hit the ball hard and it hits you. *evil cackle* ;D note to self: you owe leelon a six pack, so you have a special privelege of hitting him in the tummy. not higher, not lower. if any lower, you have to pay for his medical bills. lol
12.15_happy birthday claire! and chris nguyen.
12.21_happy birthday tricia!
12.24_happy birthday karen shih!
and zach.
12.25_happy birthday goosey palley!
happy holidays, everybody! God (or whoever you believe in *cough*misa*cough*) bless you! =)
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friday, 12 december, 2003;
whooey! it's frickin friday!! XD no more tests (except for final exams) =| but three half days baby! =D i'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow. im only buying a few people gifts, then i guess everyone else gets a candy cane? haha.
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thursday, 04 december, 2003;
can't wait til tomorrow. it's only been 4 days and i'm already tired of school again. haha. plus, tomorrow i'm getting pirates of the caribbean with orlando bloom in it. =D too bad he doesn't look that good in real life.
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thursday, 27 november, 2003;
yay. new layout by me. =D it's not pretty and cool like other people's, but i like it! =) picture taken from this site.
happy turkey day!! =D

thanks to everyone who wished me a happy thanksgiving =) i had a fun time with all the little kiddos and puppy. =D and eating too! haha that was some gooood food! =] yup good stuff.
First and foremost, I thank God for my life. With everything going on in this crazy world, I feel lucky to still be alive with my supportive and loving family and my wonderful friends. Although sometimes I want to die, especially when I'm stressed and frustrated, I'm also thankful for every part of my little brain to make wise choices and decisions. I can't help but feel sorry for all those retarded, crippled, and defected people, and I know I'm lucky to have all my senses, especially my hearing sense. I don't think I can live without music. God bless all those innocent people in poverty. Thank You for every single thing I have, such as the food I eat everyday, the clothes on my back, and the roof over my head that's providing me shelter. I'm also thankful for my family and true friends who have always been there for me have taught me and gave me advices. I don't know what I would do without them. =)
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