Del Piero still suffering fans jibes

February 1, 2001

A SMALL section of fans still seem to be unhappy with Alessandro Del Piero who has failed to recapture his form and fitness after serious injury.

That Del Piero isn't the most popular Juve player at the moment is proven by a series of recent incidents which may also be regarded as the expression of a limited number of fans, but they are however also a sign that many still see Alex as a problem rather than a solution for Juve.

The most recent of these incidents took place yesterday after training, when a small group of angry fans waited for Del Piero to exit from a back door and started hissing and booing at him.

The player, who was already in his car ready to leave, decided to stop and got out of the car to confront his angry supporters, but before anything could be said or done a team official arrived on the scene and convinced Alex top get back in his car and leave.