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February 7, 2001
Juventus Official Site

The Gazzetta dello Sport
'SuperPippo' Inzaghi on the secrets and dedication behind eight years of goal scoring which took him from Leffe to Juventus. Meanwhile, Ancelotti is negotiating with the Bianconeri for a fee which would mean a twofold increase in earnings - 5 billion Lire over two-years.

Il Corriere dello Sport
Ancelotti on a move by Capello to Juventus. "he costs too much...better to have me." The Juventus coach also talks about violence, racism, and referees. On the Juventus - Napoli match, Mondonico says, "no Del Piero would be better. If he stays out, it will be a real advantage for us." There will be five thousand Napoli fans travelling to Juventus, for a fixture in which they haven't beaten the home-side in more than 12 years.

Del Piero: Milan is the most attractive of the three offers that Alex is considering, and adds weight to the rumours that he will leave at the end of the season. Barcelona and Chelsea clearly offer certain advantages, but Del Piero seems to prefer to remain in Italy. Crucial times for the future Juventus: after the almost certain purchases of Zauri, Damiano Zenoni and Diana, they will make a last grasp for Cassano. Davids will miss the game against Napoli on Sunday through suspension. Kovacevic to step in. Ancelotti: "you may have already chosen, I haven't."