Bettega praises Del Piero

February 19, 2001
Juventus Official Site

"It is the kind of goal I have always dreamed of scoring. A perfect mix of flair, skill, strength and calm." This is how Roberto Bettega described Alex Del Piero's spectacular goal, which won the match for Juventus.

The Bianconeri Vice president goes on to say that, "in such a tragic week for Del Piero, his feat tells more about the man than it does about the player. This I think was appreciated by everybody, not just by the Juventus fans."

This week, at www.juventus.com, we have received thousands of e-mails for Alex. First condolences for the loss of his father and now letters of congratulation for his fine piece of work against Bari.

"Alex is in his eighth season with Juventus and has been fundamental in creating part of the clubs history," says Bettega, explaining why Del Piero provokes such strong feelings among the Bianconeri fans, "as well as this Del Piero is every child's dream; that is, being brought up in a club and becoming champion, same as happened to me.

I think it's safe to say that Del Piero is a product of Juventus. I don't want to take credit away from Padova, but we included him in our youth team from a very tender age and he has remained with us ever since, becoming world renouned champion."