From the papers

February 19, 2001
Juventus Official Site

Today's papers are full of praise for Alessandro Del Piero after yesterday's 0-1 win for the Bianconeri away to Bari.

The Gazzetta dello Sport leads on Alex Del Piero's winning goal against Bari. His entrance after an hour was decisive, it reports, and allowed the player a moment of joy following the sad death of his father. The victory maintains the narrow gap between Juve and top of the table Roma, and after a quiet spell, reinstates Del Piero as a major player for the Bianconeri.

Del Piero says he is happy about the goal, both for himself and for the team: it has been nearly a year since he scored in two consecutive games. Ferrara muses that despite playing well for some time already, it is the fact of scoring which makes people sit up and notice. Fonseca reiterates the view, further adding how great it is to play again following a painful period.

The Corriere dello Sport similarly reports the come back and consequent delight of Del Piero. The theme is emotive, of rediscovering a player whose status as a champion seemed finished. Juve were seen to defuse the anticipated threat from young Bari star Cassano, springing back from the troubles of a difficult week.

The Bianconero coach nonetheless has praise for Bari, and apologies for a disappointing performance. Admitting that whilst Juve did not shine, he admits that gaining the three points is what really counts.

Exhaltations and happiness for Del Piero also in Tuttosport. The Turin daily reminds us that the 0-1 win at Bari keeps Juve on Roma's heels in the Championship. Juve celebrate and Ancelotti congratulates Del Piero on a return to form.

There is also an eye on the transfer market, with fresh speculations around a move north for Bari's Cassano. Moggi admits the young player is good, but loyally declares that Juve's own star, Alex, is better.