From the papers

February 21, 2001
Juventus Official Site

The Gazzetta dello Sport comments on the controversy regarding Juve's new contracts being tied to success for the team. Ancelotti will be the first to sign the contract with Juve, that on top of a fixed salary, will provide bonuses only in the case of targets being reached on the pitch. However there has been a lot of opposition to these contracts, with Zago being ready to meet any dissatisfied players.

Meanwhile Tacchinardi will go from being someone whose place in the team was a little precarious, to being the captain. He will take the captain's armband, and commented that this responsibility is "important". Del Piero instead has refused to speak about issues at Juve, "excuse me, but at the moment these things don't interest me".

The Corriere dello sport leads with the story that Ancelotti has been tempted by an offer from Barcelona. The Spanish club have made a sumptuous offer, of over four billlion a season; with success in the league and champions league being worth another two billion. Yesterday, a meeting between Moggi, Giraudo and Bettega, concluded with little being settled. The first alternative to Ancelotti is still Lippi, but 
the Bianconera are also considering De Canio and Vavassori.Finally Agnelli has repeated that the players contracts will be based on bonuses.

Tuttosport claims that Thuram will move to either Juve or Milan. The French defender has announced in an interview with Le Parisien that he will leave Parma. Chaos with referees, Moggi outlines Juve's stance on the issue saying; "Referees, enough mistakes! I'm not interested what happens to other teams, I just want the referees to be honest with us". Agnelli, referring to Del Piero says "Godot has returned". Professor Umberto also celebrates Del Piero's goal, adding that "Now he must prove himself". Del Piero himself, in light of his father's death, asks to be left in silence.

Tacchinardi is quoted as saying that he is frustrated by Juve's position, and that for this reason he will push himself to the maximum on the field. Finally, Conte's injury problems continue, leaving him still in doubt.