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4/17/05 - Okay... two new piccies. One of LA. My backyard faces the city and the harbor so when the sun sets just right it shines out onto the city and lights it up like that. It's so awesome. It's also so bright that the camera automatically dims it. Amazing. Second picture was a project for school. My teacher wanted us to do like a Stained Glass kinda thing (studying the art of the cathedrals etc.) so I drew it... and decided I was too lazy to color it and make the lines straight therefore what is the only answer? Youth got it... Paint bucket, lines, and special effects. Oh yah. It's at the bottom in the new school project section... it'll prolly be the only one. Comics... uh... school. Too much of that. Speaking of which... I have tomorrow.

11/14/04 - Oh Wow... Almost a year, but not quite! I've got some new photos up from my trek across the country this summer. I'll get more up later. If y'all notice, these new photos have ugly signatures of mine done very messily on PaintShop smak across them. I am Lazy. End of story.

11/30/03 - Poor neglected site. I neglect it so. I blame it all on school. Too much school. There's a difference between teaching and stuffing children's heads full of useless information with the aid of busy work. Anyway. Two new pencil drawings. They're for the school's symposium along with a mess of other thigns i haven't scanned. Love the scanner. I'm Out.

10/22/03 - "Never underestimate the power of a crayon drawing!!!" -- Rae.
It's so true. News... more pictures. I think stuff is deteriorating or something. I could have sworn i updated this earlier! Anyway. More Drawings. Mole. Mole Mole. The stars. They're done with help from an online tutorial at www.gfxartist.com a wonderful site.

9/7/03 - Ha ha pathetic pencil humans! Um... anyway. I got the piccie of Jen scanned. Binary rocks. It took butt long to do. Jen... -.- I'm so NOT coloring it anytime soon.

9/6/03 - Another picture loaded up. It's sort of odd, but I like it so nyah. I'm working on new piccies of the characters. I've finished Jen. Must scan. In other news, it's my godcousin's b-day. Happy Birthday Rion. Yay... six years old.

8/15/03 - Yet Another piccie. It looks overly cute. I know not much is getting done on the site >.< Been super lazy. I will try to get to work and make it and the Comics look pretty after I've gotten the Keenspace thing up.

8/1/03 - More art... yah. A comic will come soon, but I am in the process of moving towards keenspace and changing the Website layout. Drew the White Mountains and Manhattan pictures while on a trip through New England.

7/15/03 - New Addition! In My Art, there will nowbe a section with actual pictures I've taken a altered. No people. Mainly Nature ^_^... and soem man made structures... Also, more art added. Billy Henderson! My identity at the Spy museum! lol...

7/12/03 - And construction is pretty much done. Mwhahahaha! The new style and everything is done, plus I've added a few new pages for your enjoyment! I will try and update regularly from now on... maybe.

7/3/03 - As you can see, I'm already making a few changes to the site. It's gonna' be blue! Well. Not much going on. Might as well move along.