Handmade Macedonian Pottery Vranestica ....... Postage & Handling 15$ for 1kg

Tava-BottleBrandy-BottleCoffee-Skillet-TavaSmall-Barde 149$

MACHINE TO THE CLAYfurnace-1furnace-2the skillet lidded

Price for 6 products 149$




chalice wine 18$ weight 0.5 kg

Price 18$

goblet wine 21$ weight 0.7 kg

Price 21$

potter for drinking water with  4 handle (small) 18$ weight 0.5 kg

Price 18$

potter cross 18$ weight 0.5 kg

Price 18$

potter angel 18$ weight 0.5 kg

Price 18$

potter for drinking water with  4 handle (small) 18$ weight 0.5 kg

Price 18$

pottery drinking water 27$ weight 1 kg.

Price 27$

POTTERY WITH 6 HANDLE pottery drinking water 30$ weight 1 kg.

Price 30$

BIG JARS   90$

Price 90$




Pottery for Sale .............................. If you buy over 1kg (2 or more product)

Earthenware pots, vases, jugs and other containers can look different.Handpainted and ornamented withvarious small glass pieces, shells, beads or goldfoil, these objects exhibit unusual grace and beauty.
Inspired by the Macedonian folk tradition and life, the artist Bozinovski transforms
pottery which is commonly found in the Macedonian household, into
designs that breathe with warmth and enhance the interior

Our company is one of the leading manufacturer of pottery items, Terra Cotta products, ceramics hotel ware.
Our products range from hotel ware, to bathroom fittings, to office accessories, to decorative items like
flower vase, lamp, candleholders.We manufacture products, which can be used in routine day-to-day
life, tea set, coffee mugs, paperweights, ashtrays, ceramic bowls, pickle jars, pen holders,
perfume bottles and much more. We provide our customers with the finest art and the
best quality. We let our customers to choose from a wide variety of colors,
shapes and sizes in all products. We design and bring to market
some of the finest pottery of all times. Our objective is to
provide beautiful and original pieces at a price
that shows value

Ask for price Other Souvenirs And Antiques From Ancient Macedonia

2 bottle with 6pieces for coffee 27$Price 27$


Pottery for brandy (bottle with 7 pieces )27$ weight 1 kg Price 27$


skillet  with lid.20$ weight 1 kgPrice 20$


small pan weight 0.4 kg 15$Price15$


small pan weight 0.4 kg 15$Price15$




pottery skillet are burning meat without lid 20$ weight 1 kg Price 20$ pottery skillet are burning meat with lid 23$ weight 1 kg Price 23$


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Other Products Souvenirs And Antiques From Ancient Macedonia

Folk sleeveless jacket    Very old about 200 year folk sleeveless jacket embroidered with golden fibril from Macedonia with 2 short elbow  Price 300$ .Folk sleeveless jacket 300$
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