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Dˇnde la Gente Mala Une
O¨ les Gens Diaboliques s'Unissent
Wo die ▄blen Leute Vereinen
Dove le Persone Malvagie Uniscono
Hvor Evil People Unite
Onde as Pessoas de Mal Unem
Welcome to my EVIL homepage. My name is Evil Matt. I plan to dominate the world someday. My "enemy" is Evil Homer. World domination is it's dreams also. I live in the Temple of Hell located in the Forest of Darkness. But enough about me. My page will contain quite evil things. So be prepared!!! Oh, and sign my guestbook. Quizzes and much more will be coming soon. Make sure that in the poll you vote for Evil Matt. Since I am making this wonderful dandy page when I could be doing something better with my time. Like spinning around in my chair then seeing how long it takes for me to recover.

For those of you who don't know who I ACTUALLY am.. My name is Lisa. Kathleen is Evil Homer. Don't ask how we got the names... we don't even know.

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Evil mumbeling.

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This site is just for fun. No harm was done to anyone or anything anywhere at anytime. No Need to worry. Don't try to get me suspended again.

Evil Homer doing the evil hand thing.