The Tiger Inside
  Welcome to my webpage. My friends call me Jace. I am a student at East Carolina University majoring in Theatre Education with a minor in English. When I graduate, I'll teach Theatre Arts at the high school level.
   As you can see, I am very tiger oriented. I consider myself anthropomorphic (also known as "furry") which means something different to everyone. I have some links here that will help you understand it if you are curious.
   There is a lot more to me for you to discover in these pages. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to make comments or email me with any questions or just to say hello.
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  Well, classes start back up next week and i'm really looking forward to it! I had soo much fun teaching this summer. You can find the pictures from the camp by going to the theatre education link just to the left here, and surfing through it to outreach and then summer camp 2003.
   My classes for this semester are going to be intense! So, if you don't see me online much you'll understand why. I have Directing I (taught by the department head!), Costuming I with a crew, Thematre Management, and a lit class to boot! I'm going to be busy!
    Well, have fun till we meet again!

(Updated: 8/22/03)
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