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NOTE:  Since my site is so very new things will be changing alot.  So please hang tight.  I hope everything is working.  If not email me and let me know.  This is my first website I've ever done.  So I'm new at this.  I've done my best for this to be as original as I can.  Most all the graphics here I made myself or altered others found on the net.  To make them look new and differant.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions send me an email.
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Sunday June 16, 2002
Last updated Feb. 1st, 200
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Elvis Live 1972
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Lisa Live at NARM
What If
Angelic Lisa Marie
Elvis In Person 1969
Elvis Live 1972
  1972 was one of my favorite periods of Elvis' live performance ara.  I remember my first time seeing Elvis On Tour- I was in aww of Elvis from there on... 
                       Robert TCB
Hello friends...
    I know it's been a long long time since I've updated my site.  It's just alot was going on and I had  things to deal with in my own life and my Mom's health.  She's getting along ok- with her occasional stay in the hospital she's doing ok.
    Now- on to TW (Tigerman's Wallpapers).  I was just tired of doing it and being under the presure to get a new wallpaper done each week and just thought I'd take a break.  I have had countless emails asking when will I be updating.  Well- here it is and I hope this is a new beginning for the site and a few new things to come...
    If you have any ideas of what to add to my site please email me and let me know.  Also in the coming weeks is my new lay out- I may have to be down for a few days to finish it but I hope you all like it.
    Again I'm sorry for the delay- I hope you all are having a wonderful and prosperous 2004- I've missed you all.  Keep the emails coming....
                                                            Robert TCB 
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