This year, Tigger will be very busy bouncing to and from America and England (to the Hundred Acre Wood) to visit all of his friends for Christmas. He is so excited, because Christmas is what Tiggers like best! He just wrapped his presents for his friends (he got some hunny for Pooh - don't tell!) and can't wait to get his! He told me to tell everyone that he hopes that everyone has a very happy holiday, and that he hopes that everyone can be with their friends and families, just like he will be!! He also says that he hopes that you all will have fun here, at THE TIGGER SHRINE!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also, don't forget to come back next year in 2001!!!)
[bouncing roo] [bouncing tigger]

Come see what's going on!!!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!! See you inside!

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