Sabrina's PANTIES
My name is Sabrina and I am a HORNY 24 year old brunette. I love wearing my panties and pleasuring myself in them.

All day at work I sit in my cubicle and finger myself. The best part is that no one knows!!!

I cum at least 4 times a day while I masturbate at my desk. It is a wonder I ever get any work done!! I just get so HOT thinking about how wet and juicy my panties are!

Then I get so excited when I get home and put them in a Ziplock baggie to seal in my "FRESH SCENT".

Ohhhh, I just think of you sniffing my still moist and musty thongs while you stroke your hard throbbing c**k.....Mmmmmm....

Everything is completely CONFIDENTIAL and DISCREET!
I respect your privacy and I expect you to respect mine. All Panties will come in a padded envelope with no return address or markngs of any sort. Only your name and address.

All panties are worn for at least 24 hrs. and immediately peeled off my throbbing wet p*ssy and put into a ZIPLOCK baggie and shipped to you.

I will do anything you like to the panties and I will also include a dirty letter of what I did while I wore them.

Please email me for further details....I can't wait to put my wet juicy panties on your face! You will want to cum again and again when you get a whiff  my sweet c*nt.

*all requests will be answered within 24 hours!!!