Welcome to My World!
Welcome to the mist between realities, where time and space have folded themselves away to allow all who enter here to merely be.

Here I find the windows to my soul are given life and given form.

First here enters the tigress strong and fierce, she is my earth, my rock, my foundation, my Strength.

Next enters the Hawk. His eyes are keen to see the slightest of detail. He fans his wings to fill my soul with the breath of inspiration. He is my Air, my Vision, my Inspiration, the Breath of my Life.

From the depths of the waters comes the Dolphin. Motile as the seas within which she moves. Her heightened intelligence and the bonds of love for her own cannot be mistaken.  She is the Water that makes my life Flow, she is the Commitment within my soul, ... she is my Voice.

Now feel the heat from the fire of the Phoenix. Inextinguishable and indomitable rages this flame. The Phoenix, he is the Fire of my Passions that burn within me, he is my Hope for tomorrow, he is my Determination to overcome ... all things.
Katya said this is the Spirit of Compassion that she saw
when I visited her one night
on an astral journey...
Thank you Katya. 
I am deeply honored.
Favorite Quote:
"Happiness is found on the wind, but joy is found within." 
B. Strong
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More about me than you ever wanted to know...
From the Heart and Soul
When insperation comes...
The words of my soul pour out.
Pearls of Wisdom
Twenty years is all it took...
To learn what will take me
a lifetime to understand,
Spiritually Speaking
The Journey...
That never ends...
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