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Determined people of Tigray fighting poverty.

The Tigray Postal Service, Street Address and Residents ID Standardization Project

When was the last time you sent mail home and your loved ones got it ? I guess not. A simple service no body should be denied due to lack of resources or expertise. Let us change that and this we can do it together if we join forces. If we divert our  telephone expenses from calling our family members in to building a better system that can deliver our need and the need of our people at home, all of us stand to benefit while transitioning Tigray from an old age practice into a modernized system. Tigray streets as I know do not have street names, signs and identification that are known to everyone. Also the homes and businesses are currently identified through the old kebele system that existed and it makes work and service hard for our people, businesses and state administration.

The Tigray Postal Service, Street addresses and Residents ID standardization project is designed to address the bottlenecks that the Tigray Regional State administration currently faces and improve the services it provides to its residents. Tigray must reform its system of government structurally in its functionalities and services for it to develop and move towards the 21st century. It needs to organize it self basically in the areas of communication, resident ID system, and redraw the addressing skims in its cities, towns and villages. The state needs to be able to serve the residents with essential services such as postal delivery, telecommunication, electric city, water, banking, insurance, healthcare, social, education, security, emergency care such as fire and ambulance, vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, business licenses, property ownership certificates etc…), financial lending through the public and private lending institutions, and other essential services along with the private businesses adequately. It must be able to store (computerize) the information for other government and non-government organizations use.

Please see the project proposal to contribute towards the realization of this noble project. A village, a town, and a city at a time we shall make sure that services are rendered and lives are changed for the better. Let us bring Tigray into the 21st century we can do it.

A work group is being formed to help coordinate activities to materialize this project so that it can be implemented throughout Tigray.

Contact: mehariww@yahoo.com for further information and volunteering. Representatives are sought from all parts of the world including Tigray to work on this project so that it is funded and implemented properly.








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