Moomba Fields
Real World
Rini's Area
You wake up on a peaceful seashore, the clear water gently lapping at the crystalline sands. Looking out over the sea, a soft wind curls the dreamy blue waves.  Billowing white clouds float lazily in the deep blue sky above you.  As you turn to look inland, a dark green jungle hides a well-worn dirt path.  Shall you enter the dense, mysterious jungle to see where the path leads, or remain on the beach and stare at the ocean...?
You are the
dreamer to wake on this isle.
Welcome to the Island of Seraphos.  This tiny island sits in the middle of the sea of dreams as a safe haven for all people (especially artists).  You can find many things here, such as my (Yuka) artwork, moombas, and many other things.  Contact me or Rini if you wish.  Sit back, relax, and look around the isle some!
January 17 - Okay, so I'm around, and I'll try to update soon, but my life has allowed me to forget about some things while others take over.
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The Island of Seraphos was established August 23, 2000.
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