tHiS PaGe wAs CrEaTeD tO RePrEsEnT for tHe DopEsT SeNioR cLaSs EvEr.... thE cLaSs oF 2o03 fLoRiN HiGh PaNtHeRs!!! TaKe a LoOk aRoUnD & hAvE sUm FuN, BuT dOn'T FoRgEt tO SiGn mY GuEsTbOoK BeFoRe u LeAvE, thAnX!bYe!
*GiVe iT uP fOr thE 10-2* *VaRsiTy PaNtHerS!*
fHs PaNtHeRs
hEre gOeS a PiC oF (L-R) LeTiCiA, KaSeY, AnD mE ..TiHaNe
MY 411
Senior Class of 2003 baby! RePrEsEnT!
SeXy BoYz.... RaMoN AnD ToM
WhAt iT iS???
fLoRiN HiGh FoOtBaLL
...#24 *LT* #10 *TT* #4 *TC* #80 *RN* #5 *JV* #22 *RB* #7 *DX* #88 *BM*...
tO LeiMaN tHoMaS..
We aLL LoVe aNd MiSs yOu #24!
tAkE KaRe BuDdY!
hOpE 2 sEe yA sOoN
HoT GiRlS...ChElSeA aNd KeLlY oN tHe WaY tO RaNcHo SeCo fOr Sr. PiCniC!
Class Of
hErEs a PiCtuRe oF KriStEn aNd LaUreN SiTtiNg iN thE stAnDs aS thEy cHeEr oN oUr 10-1 VaRsiTY pAnThErS!
cLiCk HeRe
fOr mOrE FHS fOoTbAlL!
JoE aNd TeReSa
hErEs a PiC oF TiHaNe, KeLLy, aNd TeReSa aT oUr 2002 FHS FaLL HoMeCoMiNg
PiCs PaGe
StUdEnT fLoWs
iF yOu HavE ANyThInG yOu wOuLd LikE tO
SeE oN hErE HiT mE uP!