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12/04/06- It's been many, many years that I have used this site. I'm not really sure what to do with it. I'm not really into the Waltz's that much anymore, and this webpage has kind've turned into a non-Waltz page anyways. I might get rid of a few things, but keep the page for my personal use. No one visits anymore, and if you're reading this? Sorry, not the place to come anymore.
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In Rose

Perhaps you have seen roses blooming on dark, deep wooden skin.
From the same stalk that strikes lingering agony;
Now, life bursts forth in a blaze of serene red;
And rushes higher, scattering brilliant light.
The crucifix no longer signifies the grave.
The fragrance that rushes to greet you...
Is the perfume of rebirth.

--Fredrich Leinhard

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