Well i have finally had it........  The other day i looked at my site and decided i really hated it... everything was wrong!  everything clashed and i had a bunch of pages headed for nowhere but a really big and messy dead end!  So, i am starting over... I am going to change everything and get rid of the useless pages, they will still be on the internet but no longer will they be worked on or looked at.... not like i was working on them much anyway.... I will update my poems page, put on my story that is in the process of being completely rewritten, put up my art that i have drawn and have a page of my comments, colors will be changed and at the bottom i will put the links to the other pages..... I do not know how long this effort will take but i hope to eventually finish it... this site has not been looked at by me in around four months, my how the time flies!  It has really been eating at my concience and i didn't like it... I still have no idea how to do frames or html and i'm not sure if i'm going to set some time aside to learn, grade 10 has been more hectic than i originally thought it to be, it seems i always have some art or english project or another to complete.... it will be wonderful to finally finish this semester.  Well I better stop my ramblings and get on with it..... *sigh* if anyone wishes they may contact me at bite_me498@hotmail.com, i welcome all e-mails and i don't even mind if you add me to msn, i don't care...... hmmmmm maybe i'll set up a bio page and embarass all my friends as well...... sound promising, Well, thank-you all who visited my site, as well as those who signed the guestbook, i'm not gone forever so please, wait for me to come back and I promise i will be better than ever!

UPDATE!!! Ok, apologies from me first of all for completely ignoring the existence of this site for the longest time... I really got to work on my timing, because naturally, i now have interest in fixing up this site and school has started.  So yeah... bummer for everyone.  But i am now focussing on doing stuff for this site and i hope to have it up and running before another half a year passes.