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We are Tiki and Chili, also known as the Wild Hyenas.  We came home from different breeders and we love each other very much.  We try to be good little girls, but we are always getting into trouble.  Oh, well.....
Hankards Hot Chili Pepper
Tri-Cas Tiki-Bare
I am a Chinese Crested Hairless.  People always stare at me, but I think it is because I am so beautiful.  No matter what toy Chili is playing with, it is my job to take it away from her, even though Mom & Dad bought us two of everything.  Chili doesnt care-she just goes and gets the other one.  I love to wrap my arms around her and give big hugs (it is not a headlock-HONEST!).  Chili is the boss, but don't tell her that I know that.
I am a blue and white chihuahua.  Although I am half Tiki's size, I kick her hairless butt.  We love to snuggle and play all day.  I like to pat my Mom and Dad's faces with my little paws. I eat my supper in about 30 seconds flat.  Mostly that is because Tiki would eat it all before I got a bite if I didn't.  She is a pig.
Wrestling Buddies
Little Miss Innocent
Very Best Buddies
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These are pictures of our beautiful big sister, Peanut.  She is at the Rainbow Bridge now, but we know all about her and love her lots, and Mom and Dad love and miss her very much.  She has her own website if you would like to know more about her:
Peanut's Website