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Toyota Sienta Facts (And it's real!)
Engine : 1.5L VVTi-BEAMS
Seating : 7-8 people easily
FC :  12.3km/l (90% city, 10% expressway)
        12.8 Km/l (50% city, 50% expressway)
        13 Km/l (70% expressway, 30% city)
        14+ km/l (ALL Expressway - some did better)
Models :
2 types. One basic, One High end (look at Tiko Auto)
High end extras : Auto door, retractable mirror, beige interior, keyless entry, Built in 2 DIN headset(sweet), Climatic aircon, power mirror,
Great FC,
Cheaper Road Tax
Cheaper Insurance
Great comfort with max seating
Nice to handle and drive
Cons :
Parallel Import
Not too cheap to buy either
Spare parts issue
Not too many around, but it's community is growing!
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