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I really must change my homepage logo as it looks like North and South America are the centre of the Universe when everyone knows that Australia is ;-)

Jokes aside, I guess you surfed on in to my homepage for some reason (presuming you didn't get here by accident!!) and that your interests lie somewhere along the following lines :

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About Me

Not much to say here except that my name is Linley, or Lin for short. According to my mum (hi Mum!!) she named me after a place called Linley Valley in Wooroloo, about 45km east of Perth. Considering that Linley Valley contains an abattoir and a prison farm I'm not so sure this a good thing but it's an ok name and has served me well so far.

Obviously from the picture above I'm female and not exactly young. Let's just say I have a fair collection of ABBA records and remember going to see the Bay City Rollers. A child of the 70s, complete with purple hot pants and white vinyl boots.

I live on a 10 acre property in Brigadoon, which is in a wine growing region known as the Swan Valley. Brigadoon is a fairly horsey area and is home to the Sate Equestrian Centre, which hosts a number of major equestrian events each year. Apart from an indoor arena, several outdoor arenas, polo fields, it has a cross-country course which is pretty handy for a budding eventer like me.

By the way, I've got 5 horses at my place and a couple of dogs to keep me amused.

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About Perth and the Swan Valley

I will write something here one day..honest!

About my Horses

I have two horses of my own plus three that live with us. Sorry, no mares allowed at my place :-)

My horses are the 26 year old Thoroughbred, Count Me In(Count) - a retired stayer who raced in the mid-70s - and Lyckle B's Rembrandt (Remy), a 15 year old Friesian Warmblood.

I am also lucky to share my abode with a retired showman, an Andalusian/Arab who performed at the El Caballo shows. Come and see Brighty strut his stuff at the Perth Royal.

Like all horse people , I have a stable full of photos (mostly bad but these ones are ok)..


Stop squinting!!...come and see my page of full-size Remy pics

Or check out Remy doing dressage

Remy and I belong to the Gnangara Adult Equestrian Club and have an interest in dressage, one day eventing and trail riding.

Did you know that I went to the Sydney 2000 Olympic games?? Not to participate, to watch!! I was lucky enough to be there when Australia took gold in the Teams 3 Day Event (3DE) and Andrew Hoy a silver in the Individual 3DE. This is me holding THE 3DE team gold medal!! And Matt Ryan as well ;-)

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About my Dogs

Yes, I have two dogs...they are both Australian Kelpies (sheepdogs). Banjo is a 6 year old male and Elly is a very silly 5 year old bitch.

Never heard of Australian Kelpies?? Check out the Kelpie page at Australia's PetNet site, which runs the Select-a-Pet On-line service.

All I know about Banjo's pedigree is that both his sire (Ben) and dam (can't remember her name!) were working sheepdogs and that he came from a property in Mundijong. He was small and flea-ridden when I got him at 9 weeks (collective sigh..ohhhh). I named him Banjo after Banjo Paterson, author of Australia's unofficial national anthem, Waltzing Matilda.

Elly has a more salubrious background being born at the Barkervale Kelpie Stud in Neerabup, north of Perth. She is reported to be by Fleetfeet Roy, a former WA State Utility Champion, out of Karana Elly, a daughter of the legendary Capree Watch (Aust. National Yard Dog Champion). But it just goes to show that all the bloodlines in the world amount to diddly squat if the dog doesn't have the mental attitude for sheepwork...poor Elly was considered too timid for demanding stockwork and so was given to me as a pet. Lucky me... :-) (sometimes I wonder!!)

The dogs (from left to right).. Elly, Elly and Banjo and Banjo

Banjo, Elly and I lead a hectic life out here in semi-rural bliss. I keep them fit by taking them out when I ride the horse (15km), on long buskwalks or on 30-50km bike rides!! Exercise is important for working dogs if you don't want them to drive you insane :-)

For mental stimulation, the dogs also go to obedience classes. I have been involved in dog obedience, both as a competitor and instructor, for over 10 years and put CDs and CDXs on my 2 previous dogs, Kellie and Jedda. I am not so active in the obedience scene these days having been bitten by the dressage/eventing (horse) bug instead, but am still a member of a couple of Obedience Clubs in Perth.

Banjo and Elly will also embark on a career in agility and tracking when I find the time to train them!!

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Please come back soon..when I've found the energy to finish these pages off!!
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