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FREE COPIES of "SLUG & LETTUCE" available until exhaustion - Just ask and send a stamp!

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TILT! #10 will hopefully appear on this homepage some day soon


Prices are stated in Euro but you can also pay in the following currencies:
1 Euro = 40BF = £ 0.58 = $ 0.85 (TRY TO AVOID COINS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!)


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Vinyl, Fanzines & Literature
Belgium (always priority)
the EEC (priority or not)
1,02 / 0,74
1,36 / 0,97
2,73 / 1,61
4,96 / 2,73
8,68 / 4,96
14,63 / 6,82
rest of Europe (priority or not)
1,09 / 0,79
1,44 / 1,02
3,22 / 1,69
6,10 / 3,10
10,63 / 5,58
17,10 / 10,66
the world (priority or not)
1,54 / 0,94
1,93 / 1,09
4,09 / 2,18
7,68 / 3,97
14,87 / 7,31
24,79 / 13,63



the why, what, how, when of TILT!...



Around '84, I put out the 1st issue of my zine TILT!; at first to inform locals (the first 2 issues were in dutch), later to be able to communicate with people everywhere. Because I also used to set up gigs and tours, TILT! only appeared irregularly. About at the same time I started to sell vinyl and zines because nobody was selling DIY stuff in my neighbourhood (mostly concerts)... Since '93, after a trial to fuse with 2 existing distributions -they soon proved to try to use my credibility for their own commercial purposes so I continued on my own- I've been focussing my mailorder more on zines and political literature. I still sold some music but not as much as before. Due to circumstances, I was forced to slow down my activities. In 2000, my two comrades Bart ('Roberto Mindbreaker') & Tijs (later replaced by Bart 'Artlover') decided to help me when I was about to give things up completely. Nowadays, they take the distro to concerts and actions again; and assist with ordering some new stuff. TILT! is a mailorder/distribution for (HC/punk fan-)zines, (independent) political literature (books/pamphlets) & (limited) D.I.Y. vinyl (some CDs -only if vinyl is not available-) of political bands. Editors of thoughtprovoking and/or intelligent zines are urged to get in touch! If you copy the mainstream: stay away! Your records/CDs are still wellcome if you take a stand against commerciality and if your band has a political message. We don't want hypes, collectors, bootlegs or consumerist shit! Get in touch only if you support the truely alternative D.I.Y. scene. We strongly oppose all socalled "alternative", double-faced bands, labels and mailorders that encourage consumerism and ego-tripping. We emphasize reading rather than listening but acknowledge (HC/punkrock-)music as a thriving force of this scene. I suppose we don't have to specify we don't want any sexist, homophobic, fascist, racist and other stupid stuff. The material is sold at gigs/parties/actions/demos in Belgium (sometimes Holland/France) and by mailorder 'worldwide'. We deal on consignment (sometimes trade). Send a sample-copy if possible... We have a definite (non-coorperate, underground) HC/punk-background but now work mainly in the anarchist- and squat-scene (links to A.B.C., F.N.B., etc.); and have connections with anarchist infoshops. We aim to offer an alternative to the capitalist (music-) industry. We favour small mailorders/distributions/labels and oppose monolithic distribution-blocks controlling local scenes (e.g. 'Phyrrus' or 'GoodLife'). We believe strongly in the potential of this counterculture to educate young people into a non-capitalist lifestyle (refusal of the 'consume-and-shut-up'-mentality). We do not follow any religions nor dogmas and don't claim to be anarchist nor anarcho-communist/-syndicalist (but symapthize with all - AUTONOMY above all!).


Jul. 2001: Due to slight ideological differences Tijs decided not to be involved with Tilt! anymore. Bart & Brob are working on a new start... We will focus more on reading-material and will limit the amount of musical material (only truely politically engaged bands and benefits). Get in touch!

Sep. 2001: From now on Tilt! could be called '3 Barts Distro'... After Bart 'Brob' & Bart 'Roberto', we have now Bart 'Artlover' in our ranks. Wellcome!!!

Mar. 2002: Due to increasing personal problems (Brob) and diverse ambitions/ travels (Roberto), Tilt! is being downsized. Most of the books-section will disappear. Don't worry: I will indicate where you can get what we carried and probably inform you about new things I'm interested in... As for now I will limit myself to what I call 'D.I.Y. material' (i.e. zines and some pamphlets). Keep your eye open for changes... Bart 'Mindbreaker' and Bart 'Artlover' are still mates (off course); if you want to contact them, here are their addresses: Bart 'Artlover' - Smedekensbrugge 28 - 4527GE Aardenburg - The Netherlands (the & Bart 'Roberto' - Doorniksewijk 134 - 8500 Kortrijk - Belgium (

Aug. 2002: THE END