WinTex 4.3

  A WAD Editor Copyright (c) 1995 O. Montanuy (
  	with MUS player by V. Arnost (
       	     QMUS2MIDI  by S. Bacquet (
             DEACC      by L. Cluitmans (


			What is WinTex?

 WinTex lets you customise your DOOM, HERETIC or HEXEN levels beyond
 what is possible with level editors. It let you replace sounds, 
 musics, and monster sprites, and let you create new wall textures, 
 floors and ceilings. And it will collaborate with your level editor.

 WinTex also lets you browse the .GRP files from DUKE NUKEM 3D.

 WinTex 4.3 has very limited support for Quake. Visual Basic is close
 to exhaustion when dealing with Quake...
		 WinTex is a (low budget) Shareware

 If you are using this program regularly, please register to help me find
 the motivation necessary to make WinTex better and faster.
 You need only register once for all future versions of WinTex 4.x.

 	               Supported Games

 WinTex 4.3 supports DOOM, DOOM2, Ultimate DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN, STRIFE.
 Support for Duke Nukem 3D is limited to browsing GRP files.

     			 Legal Stuff

 DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN, STRIFE are trademarks of id software, inc.
 WinTex comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. I will not accept any liability.
 Use at your own risk. I did my best to avoid possible trouble, though.

 WinTex can be freely distributed on INTERNET, PRODIGY, COMPUSERVE, AOL,
 and even on MSN.

                WinTex "official" sites:

 Compuserve: ACTION forum.


 		   Detailed features of WinTex

- NEW: no more 3D controls :(   THREED.VBX caused too many crashes.
- NEW: Quake support (sort of. limited to BSP viewing, and some stuff)
- NEW: STRIFE support (sorf of. not thouroughly tested.)
- Duke3D browser (only sounds, graphics, text), save entries
- modify TEXUTURES and FLATS in level maps
- select many entries and save them all at once.
- MUS2MID by Sebastien Bacquet.
- MUS player for windows, by Vladimir Arnost (QA-Software).
- Lists Texture and Flats used (click on SIDEDEF or SECTOR entries)
- List of wasted space now in the WAD editing panel
- MULTI WAD editing, with CUT and PASTE of entries and textures.
- Full featured LEVEL browser, with a real intuitive BSP NODE viewer
  and a graphic REJECT MAP editor (first of it's kind).
- Fully automatic TEXTURE editing (Never mind what a PNAMES and
  TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2 mean, you need not know!)
- Fully automatic entry insertion, at the right place in the WAD.
- Edit entries on a double click! 
- Automatic generation of INSTALL batch, for your WADs that replace
  sprites, or that need a DeHacked patch.
- All you need to create and use custom sprites.
- Invokes your favourite level editor, your favourite nodebuilder
  or reject builder.
- Reversible WAD editing (undo all the last modifications).

 WinTex 4.x is replacement for the tools DeuTex, WinTex 3.4, NWT1.03, WT2, 


                      Installation of WinTex
		(see the help file for details) 
 You need VBRUN300.DLL, because this is partly a Visual Basic tool.
 VBRUN300.DLL should be put in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

 Create a WINTEX directory somewhere and put there the following files:
  WINTEX.EXE		WinTex executable (Visual Basic)
  LBWINTEX.DLL		WinTex executable (C)
  DEUSF.EXE		DeuSF, DOS complement to WinTex

 Then click on WINTEX.EXE and it should run fine.
 See the help file for the customisation of WinTex.

 It is recommended that you also get the following tools:
 RMB21.ZIP	RMB		reject map builder
 WARM15.ZIP	Warm		reject, node, blockmap builder
 WINDEU24.ZIP	WinDEU		windows level editor, good bsp builder.
 TED12.ZIP	TED		end screen editor.
 CLEANWAD.ZIP	CleanWAD	WAD file cleaner.


		The Bug list, and bug corrections
 Version 4.3 fixes some bugs of version 4.2:
 - Sound crash under win95 (music crash is still possible. can't rebuild it)
 - strife support (sort of).
 - Can select the name of the main WAD
 - copy/paste levels, rename entry, 
 - various other stuff I totally forgot to write down.

 Known Troubles:
 - DCK works fine with WinTex textures, except that it cannot display
  them properly (it's bug in DCK, WinTex will not compensate it).

 Please signal any bugs by mail to