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Thank you for stopping by! Since I am a frequent traveller on the web and enjoy many online adventures, that is what this page is all about. I have changed a few links recently, and hope you find them helpful. I updated the pictures as well (I have a new favorite...)

Let's Begin with the basic link...

The Electric Communities Page

This link will take you to where it all begins. There is information here on all sorts of virtual communities, Including past, present and future ones.

Now let's talk about my favorites!

EverQuest (I am again Camile Storm)

For those of you wondering why it took so long for me to update this page, I must admit that I was developing quite an addiction to a newer game called Everquest. Many of my friends from the realm went over as soon as it was released, but I hesitated. My loyalty to the Realm was strong, but a friend (JHEREG!) talked me in to trying it (he bought it for me...). Once in I was honestly a bit confused by all the things I had to remember just to control the game, and then the overwhelming amount of other knowledge that needs to be developed to be successful at it. I felt like I was not the caliber of online player that could master such a complex game. However, the graphics were incredible, the possibilities endless, so I stuck it out a bit longer... and the addiction did not take long to develop. I even let my realm account lapse!

My guild, the m&ms can also be found in Everquest, we hang out on the Rathe Server. See more about the guild in the Realm section.

Check out the page, try the game... that is all I have to say about that...

The Realm (I was known here as LadyCamile)

I like this one because it is set in a medieval forest in the days of lords and ladies. It is simple to play and 2 dimensional. There is combat here, and many guilds you can join. Some are by invitation only, others are open to almost everyone. There is a really great web page for information on how to play this one written by one of the players, Hyjink's page is definitely a must see if you are going to try this one!

This game is still being modified on a regular basis, but it has come a long way from where it was two years ago. If you have not tried it yet, I would strongly recommend it. You can take it for a test drive! Just check out the Realm Page!

Another advantage to this world is that you connect through the internet, not a service. So you pay for the CD of the game ($50.00) and play for a year without additional charges. Most of the other worlds charge by the hour.

The Muse & Merriment Guild (M & M's)

This is the page that describes the guild my friends and I started. To join, or to find out more, click on the links and check it out! There is a guide for guild members, and a list of members for any who are interested which contains mail links to many of our members (they love to get mail, so feel free to write to them!).


I do not spend any time in this one after losing a love, Christopher Storm, to the real world, but it will always hold a special place in my heart and memory. It was one of the first online communities I ever got into. The developers did finally make it a web based game. It is definitely one of the easiest to work though, very user-friendly. The world itself is two dimensional, and has way too many options to list here. Check out their home page for more details, it is definitely worth the trip! The users of this service also maintain a community forum which must also be accessed through CompuServe (use GO: TRA-39). In the community forum is a list of events and a library containing some other sideline programs for playing games in world.

Meridian 59

This one is often too crowded to get into, and is hard to maneuver around in, but was fun exploring when I could get in. The best times to go are in the middle of the night (pacific standard time). The characters here are basically unattractive, but functional. (I never really liked this one)


This one is really hard to maneuver in, and don't attempt it unless you have a P133 processor and at least 32meg of RAM. The neat thing about this one though, is that it is architecturally based, meaning you can build your own stuff. It is 3D as well, and has some interesting graphic features. ( I got stuck in a sign, never could get out!)


I have explored all the others as well, everything I can get into considering my system limitations. You can experiment for yourself off the Electric Communities Habitat Page. I did find a couple other cool things to see, if you would like to take a look at them, here they are:

Pepsi World

Now this is a pretty cool place for those of us who are addicted to the fattening but refreshing beverage. Lots of things to explore here.

I would love to get advice or suggestions regarding my page! Please send them to me at Camile!

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