Dog: These rabid German shepherds are fierce, ferocious, and pack a mean bite. One bullet will do them in, but don't get too close or they'll go for your throat. Especially dangerous in packs.
Guard: The guys in brown aren't very smart and seem eager to walk into a bullet. But don't let that fool you; a lot of them in one room can do a lot of damage.
S.S.: Clad in blue uniforms, these members of the elite Schutzstaffel tote machine guns and wear bullet-proof vests.
Officer: These guys are quick on their feet and even quicker at drawing a gun. Best to use the machine gun on them; the pistol just won't cut it.
Mutant: These zombies are the evil work of the fiendish Dr. Schabbs, brought back to life and transformed into three-armed killing machines. Those knives in his hands are just for show; his gun does more than enough damage.
Hans Grosse: The first of the big guys. This fella carries chainguns as big as Popeye's forearms and isn't shy about using them. Fortunately, he's a bit slow, so stay far enough away from him and use the heavy weapons to pierce through his armor.
Trans Grosse: Like Hans, his chainguns pack quite a wallop, but he's also just as slow. Let him have it from a distance.
UberMutant: A bigger, badder variety of zombie. He barks like a dog and has a chaingun in his chest. Don't be fooled by his mass; this guy can move a lot faster than you'd think.
Death Knight: As if the preceding guy weren't bad enough, this fella boasts twin shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and tougher armor than the other bosses. The only way to down this monstrosity is shoot and duck, shoot and duck.
Dr. Schabbs: What can you say about this guy? He's amoral and twisted, an evil genius in every sense of the word. Probably teased as a kid, he gets his revenge these days by creating all sorts of maniacal experiments to unleash on mankind. His flying syringes are more lethal than a missle.
Adolf Hitler: Der Fuhrer himself. The top Nazi comes in two varieties: with and without mechanized armor. By the time you reach him, he's pretty upset about all the death and destruction you've left in your wake and determined to make you pay a heavy price.
Ghost: Probably the most annoying of Wolfenstein denizens. It doesn't shoot you, but bumping into it is just as bad, and it chases you relentlessly. Even worse, there's no way to kill it, so all you can do is get away from it. Comes in red, blue, green, and yellow.

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